Spud State Blog Rundown 11/20/09

Dear Teabaggers: the last eight years called. They want their misplaced rage back.

  • Treasured Valley: Treasure Valley blogs
    Hanging with Schlangen, zero my hero, rocking out, Oprah and way cool products…
  • The Political Game: Minnick's Balancing Act
    Over the weekend, Sisyphus of 43rd State Blues made some very good points regarding Congressman Walt Minnick and his dwindling Democratic base.
  • NewWest Boise: Saving Public Access: the Pend Oreille Bay Trail
    For years, panhandle residents have been trespassing on a narrow strip of private land along the northwest shore of Lake Pend Oreille, using an old road along the shoreline to bike, run, ski, walk their dogs, and occasionally take a dip in the lake.
  • Fort Boise: The party of useless obstruction
    I don't blame the Republicans for not coming up with alternate legislation. It's a lot of work to draft a bill, and there's no secret it would be dead on arrival. But I do wish they could come up with more of a strategy than "just say no," which seems to be the best they can do.
  • Ridenbaugh Press: Whitopia
    A book we’re going to track down and check out: From a black scholar writing about race relations in a different way, “Searching for Whitopia: An Improbable Journey to the Heart of White America.”
  • Eye on Boise: Capitol construction ‘substantially complete’
    It’s a milestone for the two-year renovation of the state Capitol: The project has been declared “substantially complete,” and the building is now back in the hands of the state, rather than the contractors.
  • F-Words: A false-positive is as false as a false-negative.
    The horrified reaction to the new guidelines for less-frequent mammograms in women over 50 has been driving me nuts. The way it's being sold is just terrible (as in they just don't want people to worry over nothing), but that doesn't mean that it's a bad recommendation.
  • Morialekafa: Things that matter
    As far as I know, virtually all cultures have folk sayings, parables, and such that most often offer advice or supposedly helpful information gathered from centuries of experience.
  • IdaBlue: Cronyism and good ol' boy politics
    The Statesman has a story about Lazy Y Ranch, LTD, settling a grazing dispute with the state of Idaho. Idaho's land board has refused to allow environmentalists to lease grazing lands, instead discriminating in favor of ranchers.
  • The MountainGoat Report: A Model For Building Healthy Communities
    There's a great read at Kaiser Health News today on how two counties in rural Kentucky are delivering health services in the "worst health care region in America" and that despite the health care reform debate, some area experts don't anticipate much changing as a result of these current proposals.
  • IdahoRocks: Just The Energy Bill
    I received an email this morning which I found enlightening because it made me wonder to what extent either ignorance or greed, or perhaps both, influenced the Department of Energy's Advanced Research Project Agency decision to provide monies for energy research into projects that do nothing to help prevent global climate change.
  • Rob's Idaho Perspective: Into the Wind
    While many Boiseans were enjoying Boise State's crushing defeat over the University of Idaho, a few of us bird nerds were out exploring the avian species near Bruneau Idaho.
  • Left Side of the Moon: Angry Gnome News from D.C.
    Thanks to a round-a-bout linking process, we find this from 123 Idaho on the latest from our angry gnome in D.C. Sooo…. Jim Risch wants to insert himself into the midst of an issue that in no way involves him. The individual at the heart of the issue is or was not a constituent, never was. The setting in which ‘the incident’ occurred was not even in Idaho.
  • Nemesis Today: I Got Nothing
    I’m going to whine a little, have a public pity party. Then I’m going to go away for awhile, I think. Most regular readers know that my job is based in Boise, but because my employer sees the value of having me in that position, and because I won’t (ok, can’t afford to) move to Boise, they allow me to work from Idaho Falls. That has worked really well for the last 5 years…
  • BW citydesk: Former ITD Director Still Wants Her Job Back
    With news of the appointment of a new ITD director this morning, we were reading up on the fate of Pam Lowe's wrongful termination lawsuit, which The Spokesman-Review has been following. Former Idaho Transportation Department Chief Lowe, who threatened a lawsuit in August, filed suit last week and added six more counts to her complaint this week.
  • Rant Against the Machine: Thank You for Being Angry
    This is an excerpt from "White Privilege: Unpacking the invisible Knapsack" by Peggy McIntosh...Did you the the author was male? I did until I read the name of the author. Oops, I have a lot to learn still.
  • All I'm Saying: Health and Beauty Update
    Well, I've passed my first week since my terrifying diagnosis of blocked armpit hair follicles. What's life like as a survivor? Well, I've discovered a few things about myself:
  • The Stupid Shall Be Punished: USS Hartford JAGMAN Released
    Two media outlet -- The New London Day and Navy Times -- both published stories based on obtaining the "heavily redacted" investigation report into the recent USS Hartford (SSN 768) collision in the Straits of Hormuz. Excerpts:
  • Ralph Maughan’s Wildlife News: Hoskins: Illegal plan just makes Turner richer
    Robert Hoskins’ op-ed on FWP giving the quarantined bison to Ted Turner- Op-ed in the Casper Star Tribune. Illegal plan just makes Turner richer.
  • Blue Moose Democrat: My Keyboard Supports Sarah Palin
    I was working on a pretty good post about the right-wing’s obsession with accusing the media of treating Obama like a Messiah while themselves treating Sarah Palin the same way. I had transcribed a quote from today's Morning Joe and excerpted a Denver Post column. And then my computer ate it. GRRRRRR.