Keith Roark elected Idaho Democratic Party chairman

Photo by funphotostuff on Flickr

Tonight the Idaho Democratic Party's state central committee chose attorney Keith Roark as their new chairman, succeeding former Idaho Congressman Richard Stallings. Roark is the senior and managing partner of the Roark Law Firm in Hailey, Idaho.

Roark has previously been prosecuting attorney for Blaine County, mayor of the City of Hailey, and was the Democratic candidate for Idaho State Attorney General in 2002, as well as numerous other professional accomplishments.

Over 70 state central committee members in Boise, Coeur d'Alene, Lewiston and Pocatello were given the opportunity to choose between Roark and former Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brady.

Roark told the teleconferencing committee members and observers that, although he did not expect major electoral gains over the next year, he would be very disappointed with himself if Idaho Democratic candidates didn't make significant progress over the next five years. (Because of former chairman Richard Stalling's resignation in the beginning of what would have been his fourth year, the next election for the four-year chair position will take place in March of 2009.)

For more info on Keith Roark, go to his law firm's website.

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How do you know for sure

that Keith was elected? Were you there?

Cause he's in the pipe

five by five. I've not known Serephin to get it wrong, newb.


With the wild weather, the power went out twice in Pocatello during the phone conference. I'll put up a photo later, if you'd like -- have to get it off my cellphone.

Brady gave his speech first, then Roark. Roark had multi-page copies of his vitae sent to the four voting locations before the meeting and, being a long-time trial lawyer, gave what I believe was a more spirited "call to action" speech which swayed the majority of the central committee members. (I'm not a member and had no vote.)

For more info from someone else who was at a different location, check out what IdahoRocks has to say about the evening from her perspective.

I Like This Guy

He's saying what needs to be said. Looks like the central committee made a good choice. If you're on the central committee and reading this, much appreciated.


Of course, he's still working full time for his law firm, with no clear indications that he'll make the time for his new chairmanship.

Sorry, this was a huge mistake. Roark will just throw random decisions around like a monkey throwing shit and then he won't be there to clean up the mess, he'll have convenient excuses for not being successful.

Good job Democrats! You've elected a man that will do an even crappier job than his predecessor.

What the hell?

He's only had the job five days and you're trashing him? What's your justification for this?

Give Roark a Chance

It's going to take some time to build up a bench. Regardless of who's chair, we need more than Walt and the Two Larrys.

He's not far from me here in Twin Falls. In fact, if I'm not mistaken his firm has an office here. I hope to meet with him face-to-face in the relatively near future.