Rep. Bill Sali: Pro-Uterus Control, Anti-Vaccination

Yes, Rep. Bill Sali (R-Kuna nutcase) is a rightwing wackjob of the highest order, working so diligently to ensure that Idaho pass abortion laws as patently stupid as the Rapist Rights Bill that South Dakota recently instituted. However, I hadn't realized just how seriously deranged he can be when it comes to preventing Idaho's children from being vaccinated for serious diseases (from 2/12/05):


Dear Idaho Chapter Members and Friends -

Many of you know that the Idaho Dept. of Health and Welfare has proposed that a fifth DTaP and a second MMR vaccine be added to the already excessive number of vaccines required for Idaho children to receive a public education. In the proposed change, I.C. 39-4804 is ignored just as the Idaho Attorney General ignored it when rendering a legal interpretation of Idaho's vaccine exemption laws for both daycare and school registration. The letter I sent to the legislators regarding this is at the bottom of this Action Alert.

I got a call this morning from Pat Burham of the Idaho Eagle Forum who told me that Representative Bill Sali is leading the charge to stop this change but needs documentation from across the state from parents of vaccine damaged children who have been specifically harmed by one of these triple antigen vaccines. I only know of two parents in Idaho whose children are disabled from a triple antigen shot and who won their cases and were compensated through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. But they both signed the "gag" order (doubles their compensation) so they cannot disclose anything about their case and the problems with these shots. If you know of anyone in your community or anyone in Idaho who can document their child's reaction, has reported the reaction to VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System), or attempted to receive compensation for their child's injuries and ongoing care through the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, please have them email all details -- names, dates, status of child, etc. -- to Rep. Bill Sali at with a cc to
Please put in the subject line: Vaccine Injury Case

Rep. Bill Sali MUST RECEIVE ALL CASES BY MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14. If you get this Action Alert after the deadline, still email Bill Sali with this information. Do not forget to cc. it to me.

We also need to know of cases where I.C. 39-4804 is being violated. Do you know of anyone who was told they cannot attend school unless they have their shots? Do you know of children being vaccinated without parental consent? (I.C. 39-4804 is cited at the bottom of this email)

Report these violations of state law to Bill Sali at the above address. Please put in the subject line: Violations of I.C. 39-4804.

Please forward this email to everyone you know in Idaho

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 457
Spirit Lake, Idaho 83869

Because, as has been well documented for decades, this "vaccination" thing is a complete and utter failure. Yeaaahhhhh...

Luckily for Rep. "Silly" Sali, if his attacks against Idaho women's uterines and healthy children don't pan out, he can still save the Gem State from those evil American Dental Association bastards and their nefarious plans for... FLUORIDATION (insert creepy organ music here).

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Shhhh. Let him stir up a

Shhhh. Let him stir up a wingnut frenzy - I honestly think if he is the Republican nominee it will increase our chances of taking the seat. I think he's too conservative even for Idaho. Think Brandi Swindell, Boise city council election 2005 (although probably not by such a landslide, but still).

On the other hand, if someone like Sheila Sorensen gets the nod, Larry Grant is likely toast.

That's all just my speculation.

Grant vs. Sorensen

I believe Larry Grant is going to be a very formidable opponent for whomever comes out on top in the GOoPer Congressional Carnival for 1st CD. Larry is wicked smart, a top-flight lawyer, an excellent businessman and has a terrific personality. Even against Sheila "my husband did Mike Simpson's eye job in Hawaii" Sorensen, Larry's got the moxie to take her on and win.

I sure hope so.

I sure as hell hope so.

Finally!!! a Dem who 'gets it' get the prize of the day. Dialectical politics works!

This guy Sali is a refugee from the Fruitcake Farm...if anything we should deliberately toss him wingnut softballs so's he can hit them out the ballpark.

The problem is that Idaho's cultural disposition is so oriented towards a religous prescription against "being judgemental". Heaven forbid we actually form a critical opinion....why that might lead to a....[gasp] disparaging word.