Racist Rupert, Idaho radio talk-show hosts: Obama "black Negroid", mom "trailer trash"

Via KTVB, observe Idaho's far-right racist GOP scumbags in action:

RUPERT - An alleged racial slur against Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama has sparked criticism against a southern Idaho radio station, with some in the community calling for the show to be canceled.

Obama supporters allege a conservative talk show host on Rupert, Idaho-based KBAR AM this week referred to the Illinois senator as the "black Negroid Barack Hussein Obama."

Others also say a guest on Zeb Bell's show called Obama's mother "trailer trash" who has a fixation on black men.

Click here to read full AP story. This type of Idaho GOP racist bottom-feeder feels entirely comfortable spewing hate over the airwaves because so many of their Idaho Republican listeners are as equally deranged. The wingnuts looking to take over management of the Idaho Republican Party at their convention in north Idaho this week? Those are the panting, drooling pack of buffoons who eat this kind of bigotry up with a spoon.

If it's "negroid" when the microphone is on, you can bet these clowns are using a different "N"-word when the mic is off.

UPDATE 2:45 PM: What an amazing coincidence! On the same day last Monday as Zeb Bell and his fellow slack-jawed radio guest Frosty Wooldridge were slinging racial epithets over the public airwaves, it just so happened that the audio recording of the show went pinin' for the fjords and expired like a Norwegian Blue, according to the Twin Falls Times-News:

Both Bell and [KBAR station owner Kim] Lee say there is no audio recording of the show, which Bell admits included unchecked racist statements by his guest. Lee said there usually is a broadcast recording, but a technical difficulty forced them to halt recordings.

The dog ate their mp3 recorder, 'natch.

UPDATE 3:17 PM: Oops, almost missed this one: knuckle-dragging misogynist Wooldridge called Senator Obama's late mother S. Ann Soetoro "trailer trash." Dr. Soetoro, who earned her degree in anthropology, died of ovarian and uterine cancer in 1995 at the age of 52. If Frosty the Repellent Racist feels drawn to heckle human trash, he need look no further than the nearest mirror.

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Anything out of Zeb Bell...

...doesn't surprise me the least bit.


The dog eats the recorder over there fairly frequently--every time anything questionable is said. Oh wait, that's every damn day!