Dune Nukem -- nuclear plant planned for Bruneau, Idaho?

From Sempra's failed plan earlier this year for a coal-fired plant to a different energy company's new idea for smashin' atoms in the Gem State between Twin Falls and Boise. Let it glow, let it glow, let it glow...

Alternate Energy Holdings (AEHI) Announces Letter of Intent to Construct New Nuclear Plant

ROANOKE, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 05, 2006 -- Alternate Energy Holdings (PINKSHEETS: AEHI) announced a letter of intent, signed December 1, 2006, to construct, own, and operate a nuclear power plant near Bruneau, Idaho. The proposed 1500 Megawatt light water reactor will provide much needed electricity for local farm co-op irrigation, while the majority of the power produced will be sold in the national energy market to help address west coast power supply challenges. When completed, this will be Idaho's first large commercial nuclear plant and only the second one in the region. After approval of the plant site and design/development preparation, the modular design can be completed in approximately 36 months -- placing AEHI at the forefront of nuclear construction in the United States.

President and CEO Don Gillispie states, "This is a huge step for an emerging growth company. We have been working diligently for months developing a plan to enter the operating market, and Idaho is a wonderful opportunity for us to begin fulfilling our corporate vision." The company announced its business strategy, which includes a project along these lines, early in the year and expects a binding agreement executed early in 2007 followed by plant construction in early 2008.

Twin Falls podiatrist and anti-nuclear activist Peter Rickard is fully aware of the issue, as is the Snake River Alliance, and nobody ever accused those folks of being wallflowers. If folks in the Magic Valley weren't thrilled (to say the least) about having a coal-fired plant in their neighborhood, how will they react to a nuclear plant popping up next year?

On the positive side, The Simpsons will finally have an excuse to set one of their episodes here in Idaho. As Radioactive Man sez, "Up And Atom!"

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Give me a break...

A nuclear power plant constructed, owned, and operated by a company traded in the PINK SHEETS????

Construction starting in 2008?????? With a "modular design" that hasn't been approved by the NRC???

By a company that's only been in existence for 3 months??? And has as its other "developments" a natural gas additive that will reduce the cost of ng by "25%-40%", and "lightning farms"???

And nobody in Owyhee County knows anything about it??? And they're going to get their water rights from where???

Methinks you ought to check to see that your leg hasn't been pulled clean off...

C'mon, McG --

... you're not getting into the spirit of the thing. See, it'll probably be funded by penny stocks sold through those tube thingies on that there Internetz. They won't need to actually build a state-of-the-art plant, they can just get one of those modular-home manufacturers to whip up a bunch of pre-fab building and, hell, maybe a pre-fab plant that can be slapped together in Nogales and shipped in (wood is the new concrete, ya know). And two years is only if they, you know, have to get "permits" and "approval" and "stuff." You say they need lots of water for cooling? A couple fire hydrants and some hose from Home Depot and you're golden.

Really, John, you're just not thinkin' non-linearly. Heck, in his heyday, Jack Abramoff could have had the damn thing up and running in less than eight months, and brought in non-union slave labor from the Marianas Islands to work it. Ahh, those were the days...

Idaho Nuke Plant?

I haven't heard anything about this, and I understand that regional stakeholders are really wary of investing in building new nuke plants. Most of the new nuke plants that people are serious about are in the southeast -- where they are being built on existing nuclear sites. All other utilities seem to be taking a "wait and see" approach.

The first two nuke plants to be built will get ~$500 million loan guarantees (I think). After that, the next 4 will get ~$250 million loan guarantees. If the first two plants fall behind schedule or go over budget, by a large amount, then that will make it VERY difficult to build more nuclear plants.

I don't know where this one came from, but I sugget that anyone who is concerned about it check with the NRC.

FYI: News Release from Snake River Alliance

Check out the thread at RSR

Thirty comments and counting ...

I saw a post on a commercial nuclear industry blog and invited them to come over and chew on the idea, too. Boy howdy, everyone has a lot to say.


Quite spirited...but isn't inviting nuclear industry professionals to the debate kinda like inviting Michael Jordan, in his prime, to a pick-up game? Not that it isn't important to hear debate from professionals on this issue but c'mon where's the equity?

Actually, I enjoy hearing from the "dark side"...

I'm just kidding about the "dark side"... we all know they actually light up! Sorry, a bad joke...

Seriously, having THEIR input allows me to consider the BIG picture and evaluate their perspectives before as I determine my own position on an issue. I don't EVER want to be the type of person who only discusses my concerns and beliefs with people who think like I do. And so far, it seems as if they haven't been like SOME people I could mention who go all bat-sh** crazy on their pet issues and ignorant beliefs and start spouting off generalities and stereotypes and blanket statements... gee, how is Bryan doing today anyway...?

That being said, NOTHING that government representatives say or quote will EVER make be feel safe about nuclear waste and government oversite. Once the government cleans up from their screw-ups for the last 50 years, THEN I might feel safer... maybe.

Does anybody know what Craig Cooper thinks about this issue? I probably would trust him more than the others...

Yeah, it's gotten a little out of hand

over at RSR, where the 60th comment has just been made ... by MG, as it happens!

I did a blog search Wednesday and noticed that the industry blog had reported the story. I was struck by how several of our Dems are NOT opposed to nuclear power (and in fact, I am not 100% opposed to it myself, though I lean that way), so I invited them to take a look.

It's long winded for sure, but I think it's been one of the best debates I've seen in three years of blogging. Viva free discourse. Plenty of good ammo there for future discussions or public hearings, should it come to that.

Diana, good call on Craig Cooper. I'd like to hear what he has to say, too. I will see if I still have his email.