Now here's a draft I can support

Rumors going 'round is that early next week Senator Kerry will announce his choice for a running mate. Many names have been floated and dismissed, but some folks aren't waiting for a decision — instead, as Julie discusses at Red State Rebels, they're pushing one:

With news that Ralph Nader is hurting John Kerry in key states, the Dean-for-VP forces are getting serious. The National Draft Dean for VP Committee has announced it may mount a floor fight at the Democratic National Convention to put Howard Dean's name in contention for the party's VP nomination.

As much as I would love to have Dean as Vice President, there are those I would most decidedly not want — men such as Dick Gephardt or Tom Vilsack. I could, if necessary, live with Edwards or Clark, but I wouldn't be surprised if Kerry picked somebody quiet and steady who has no burning ambition to run in eight years. That way, the other camps don't go into too big of an uproar, and can settle down and begin planning for 2012.

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The Irish Times ran an articl

The Irish Times ran an article saying that Edwards, Gephardt, and Vilsack were all told to keep their calendars free on Tuesday.