Just Wow..... Corporal French Memorial part 1

I'm not sure what happened today, but Phelps was a no-show. Was this due to a huge show of strength and solidarity at the memorial, or just because they had accomplished their agenda by getting the local media to spew out their lunatic ravings on radio and TV? I could swear that I even sat by a Phelps' supporter, dressed in a tacky red suit, eyebrows flaring and preachers woven hat in hand. Yet all was quiet on the Phelps front.

What was amazing, though, was the amount of sheer military muscle at every door, and not only military, but the State and the City both supplied massive amounts of iron totting man-meat to intimidate anyone that might have possibly started anything.

For the most part, I expected that the only nutjobs would be from Kansas. I had assumed that the memorial was going to be solemn and respectful, boy was I ever wrong.

The memorial was packed, tons of people, a great setting, a lot of respect. Then the partisan palm party started. This may have well been a Republican campaign stop, lavish with faux sympathy and a hightened sense of security. First up, the Pastor Phil Pittman who started out with a nice opening statement where I had to actually wonder if it was right-wing rhetoric. I figured I would play it safe and just assume that I was only offended because I was so uptight about the threat of a Phelps uprising. next up was SPC Matt Harvey, dressed in desert fatigues and with an honest note of emotion in his voice, he gave a wonderful speech about who Corporal French was to him, what her life in Iraq was like and some humorous notes to lighten the mood. I took it that they were romantically involved, but it was fairly tastefully detached.

Next up was her commanding officer, Major General Larry Lafrenz. MG Lafrenz started out with dignity and solemn resolve and quickly rose to the height of his hawkish idiocy. Sean Hannity screeching "Freedom is on the move!" at the top of his lungs couldn't top the Major General's speech, littered with references to "sacrifice for American freedoms" and topped with a French cherry. At this point my friend was doing her best to try to keep me calm, and I assumed that it could get no worse. Why do I do that to myself?

Suddenly the lights flared and up rose a joyful Governor Goodhair, ready to throw his hawkish weight into a speech that would have been considered a Rove Rough Draft. He talked about Democracy like it was a French Whore, bought and paid for and just waiting to be laid in the back seat of his Mercedes. Then out came the great hand-job phrases of "good vs. evil" and "fighting for the rights of all Americans". I honestly felt sick to my stomach. Corp. French's parents, if they had an honest bone between them, were most likely stunned and shocked to hear their daughter's death be used as a pep rally for Republicans.

You'd again think that nothing could make this a more disgusting display of cum-soaked drapery, yet here comes the Pastor as the last speaker to let you know just exactly where he stood on the whole thing.

He began like any right-wing bible thumping jackass, by quoting the "love thy neighbor" stuff. Most people would leave that out, as America has slaughtered tens of thousands of our Muslim "neighbors", yet in the classic Republican way, it was just too easy to dehumanize the Iraqi's, forget that its not only "insurgents" and "terrorists" dying by the score at the hands of American bombs and ignorance. Instead he continued on into Fascist country by quoting Paul in Romans 13:1-7-"Let every soul be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and the authorities that exist are appointed by God. Therefore whoever resists the authority resists the ordinance of God, and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves." Now I knew I was in winger land, once and for all. There was no mistaking exactly who he was speaking, especially when he went on: "Some people came here as war protesters...." I at first thought he might be talking about Phelps, except that Phelps isn't against the war, he just sees it as God's messenger of death to American's for Phelps' revenge for whatever Phelps has decided he needs revenge for this week. I have no idea WHAT the hell he was talking about or who he was talking to, but it was grossly out of place. Then it occured to me, Pastor Pittman was an incompitent boob.

From then on I was able to ride out the rest of the right-wing propaganda with the knowledge that these people are the fringe within the US, they they actually believe the crap they are spewing, and in believing it they would never be able to understand or catch up to the rest of the real world. Now I just hope they don't drag America completely down into the muck that they are so proud to be wallowing in.

I honestly went there to pay my respects and protect her memory from a nutcase, when I was made to remember that the Idaho Right Wing isn't far off from the classification of "nutcase" themselves. So much for trying to do the right thing, I think I'll just stay home from now on.