Counter Protest from all angles

It now seems that every angle will be represented at the Memorial. Michelle Malkin (Magdalagdadingdong) has even mentioned the counter protest.

If you are showing up, I will be in the Albertson's grocery store parking lot at 12:45pm. I'll be sitting on my truck for about 10 minutes, then walk to Albertsons College to pay my respects and report what happens. Everyone should have a pen, paper and a camera. A cell phone is also a nice thing to have, as reporting an incident as it happens can sometimes bring about a conviction easier than just word-of-mouth speed reporting.

Thanks to everyone here for your support. I'm hoping the family understands. I'm afraid they are center ring of a huge circus at this point, and I hope they are able to take it in stride and pay their own respects with the honor and dignity they deserve.