Three Ring Circus

After seeing that the local news has picked up on the Fred Phelps story, saying that Phelps told them he's showing up because "God killed her in retribution for someone bombing one of my churches" or something like that, I've decided to sit this one out. I feel that the memorial is for the family and friends of Private French, not for me to take out my personal vendetta against a total loon like Phelps. I understand that his doing this is degrading to the family, but the press has already made his point for him, he doesn't even have to show up at this point.

It would have been good to have much more notice of this event, so that we could have gotten people to the press early enough to marginalize Phelps' group. We also could have encouraged the State Police to set up a "anti-French Free Speech Zone" somewhere around Melba.

There are still a lot of soldiers from Mountain Home going to stop Phelps, which is definately something that we don't want to be in the middle of.

Update: After talking to Serephin, I've decided to go and pay my silent respects to Private French's sacrifice and to her family. Thanks much, Serephin!

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Probably A Good Idea

Going is definitely a good thing I think...

Getting involved is another; from some comments on other blogs it stands a good possibility of getting a little rough.

I'd be surprised if things got physical

The cops aren't going to let it happen. Military folks who are there won't allow Spc. French's funeral to become a WWE Smackdown circus. Phelps and his ilk may have no respect or compassion for a fallen soldier, but most everyone else there will.