A little behind the times but par for Eastern Idaho....

Well, even though we celebrate the fourth of July on the fifth in this part of the world, miracles do happen. Fahrenheit 9/11 is coming to Eastern Idaho! In Idaho Falls the Edward's Grand Teton will be the place to be and in Twin Falls your viewing pleasure will be at the Twin Falls Cinema 12. This is a good time to show support and let everyone know the movie is in town. So tomorrow I intend to sit back, enjoy the ride and let the discussions begin...

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Fahrenheit 9/11 for IF Post Register

Did anybody call Edwards or put pressure on theater owners to show the film? I am working on the story for the Idaho Falls Post Register about the film opening here, and I would like to speak to anybody who put an effort into getting the film shown--as of Monday afternoon, management had no idea the film was coming, and the opening didn't appear in today's ad. If anybody would like to speak to me about this, please call Milan Gagnon, feature writer, Post Register at 208.542.6761 or ewmail mgagnon@postregister.com. I am on deadline, so I would need to speak to someone this afternoon, Wednesday June 30.

a little late

sorry milan for being late on this. no pressure on the edward's. i did send email's to arthur kull at friends for film. arthur is in switzerland right now but he did send back an email saying that there has been an overwhelming response for the film. looking forward to your article and good luck!



Screwing the little guy

Unfortunately in Twin Falls, F911 went not to the local art-house theater - the one that steadfastly shows many "little" Lions Gate and IFC films - but to the multiplex, which hardly needs the money, what with its monopoly on such fare as "Spiderman 2." I love capitalism and the free market as much as anyone, but it's a shame this is the way loyalty gets rewarded these days.

Magic Valley moviegoers, I know you're gonna want to see the film at the Twin 12 this weekend. But be sure you go again once it hits the Lamphouse!