Wikipedia Removes STATE edits from Tom Luna's Bio

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Tom Luna

Idaho Secretary of Education Tom Luna came up short in attempts to turn his Wikipedia bio into an advertisement.

This is a follow-up to the story below, Is the STATE of Idaho Whitewashing Tom Luna's Bio?

Melissa McGrath, Tom Luna's Communications Director thought she got away with making edits to Tom Luna's Wikipedia page in order to help better his already tarnished image and public record. A Wikipedia user caught her misinformation, fact checked them, and reverted all of the misinformation and spin.

reads the Official: Recall Tom Luna Facebook Page

To the Pro-Luna forces who say "She's just doing her job," something must be wrong if a medium you use to "do your job" removes the work you put into it.

One commenter wrote:

"LOL. She triggered the conflict of interest algorithm which lead to a moderator contacting her. Even the algorithm could smell the BS. This made me laugh at my desk in a quiet office."

Sure enough, the original (pre-McGrath) bio is back.

Wikipedia is the internet equivalent of an encyclopedia, not a public relations campaign tool (and should not be paid for by tax dollars).

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