McCall: quake or something manmade?

From Weiser to McCall, folks are reporting an earthquake (4:30am MDT, Thursday May 17th). Problem is, there's nothing on regional seismographs big enough for someone to feel.

The best technical explanation (no sensors nearby, so maybe it really happened and had become unusually faint at those distances) -- well, I guess it's possible that Idaho would be so cheap that they'd discontinued seismographic data collection everywhere.

Next up is sonic booms or explosions that only woke up some people. Meh.

Best answer? Guv'ner Otter otter call Scott Stevens on his handy-dandy Big Red Conspiracy Phone. Just watch out for (ahem) barnyard residue, Boss.

Oh, and a quick 'Buh-BYE!' to George Hansen's lost spawn, crazy ol' man Hart. I'm gonna take his primary loss as a ray of hope: It should serve reminder that there are levels of miscreancy that, despite Republican poobahs' belief otherwise, everyday Idahoans won't condone. The party bosses pretend to not know this, but why else would they be so afraid of openness and public accountability for themselves.

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I'm actually sad

about losing P.Hart from Athol in the primary. We have a great long serving Democrat, former county clerk Dan English, loaded up and ready to battle for that seat. His odds were better challenging Hart. He's still got a shot, but KootCo is mighty red these days.

Never underestimate the power of 'R'.

Ya think? I have my doubts -- A vague R name beat PHart (for today, I dub him Stinky McNoTaxes), but would those same voters go against him if it meant punching a 'D' on the ballot?

You have to admit, polling booths cause some weird mental gyrations:

Before Idaho's tack rightward, we came within 200 votes of reelecting George Hansen **after** his felony conviction. I recall a disturbing news blurb where he bragged that he'd found constitutional scholars that supported his belief that, despite being unable to VOTE FOR HIMSELF (convicted felon), he COULD vote as a congressman. Did near-Watergate levels of damage on my respect of national politics.

Second, despite months of ostensible LDS opposition to the Lottery, it passed resoundingly in every predominantly-LDS county. And the press let it slip by, unremarked.

"Politics is weird. And Creepy..." FSM, that snippet makes me laugh.

Yes that's what I'm saying.

If DFO would pull the lever for English, many others would as well. Many Republicans were embarrassed by Hart.


I've seen said disturbing news blurb when he cited the constitutional scholars, not 1 but 3 of them, who said he could vote as a congressman. DESPITE 4 felony convictions. I wasn't born when this election took place, but my 4 years working on his successor's papers jaded me indefinitely because of Hansen's misled bullshit. Bullshit is the best word I've got for it.