I am filled with a molten outrage over the banning of Sisyphus from a mid-sized city newspaper blog representing and pandering to the Homo Neanderthalenus-Drosophila Melanogaster hybrids of North Idaho.

It isn't because I actually read the grinding scroll of that hideous newspaper forum, although Sisyphus certainly cracks open their rickety outhouse door of pungent, gaseous diatribes and echo chambering with his reality-based commentary and gentle nudging of the resident Lord of the Outhouse People, but I have many more important endeavors to engage in during the day, e.g. memorizing the entire Joe Jackson catalog for "New Wave Brit Invasion Karaoke Night" down at the Dew Drop Wagon Wheel Inn.

But it just flaps my forward gunwales to imagine an America where the free exchange of ideas, even if they contradict or are too logical and humane for the Outhouse People to absorb or even allow to rattle around in their severely sloped and carbuncle covered heads like ball bearings in a gumball machine in the back of an 86 Subaru Brat (the official Car-Truck of North Idaho), is stifled by a tinpot internet Dictator presiding over his swampy banana republic of morons, jethros, hillbillies, wingnuts, assholes, teabaggers, snowballers, pukes, birthers, bible slapping Jesus monkeys, bikers, hellions, scofflaws, and rubes.

Seriously, compare Boise to Coeur D'Alene? My God, that is like comparing a fish with lungs learning to motate on muddy land with an intestinal flatworm clinging with a gaping starving maw for bits of semi-digested squirrel and beans.

Be that as it may, since I don't read it anyway and have been myself banned for over a year I don't suspect a boycott by me will be of any import.


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whew, can I offer you a towel?

It's a jolly rant-o-rama, fun at times, but man, keep some of your powder dry in case teh real crazy comes knockin some day. State legislators legislating rape to keep our womenfolk in line, say.

I am so honored

Being banned never tasted so good, when I get a heaping side of Bobness as a reward. I don't want any boycotts. The last thing liberals should desire from censorship is to censor ourselves. Go up there and kick some ass, lest Idaho Republicans use it as a platform for more of their propaganda. And if you're not a regular, then make a game out of it. See how long it takes Dave to boot you. He's got a short fuse these days, probably as a result of the shit he has to select from for his party's pick for president. Or maybe its all the scorn and derision being thrown at his boy Rush. Funny how Republicans just laugh Rush off as an entertainer, or raise false dichotomies in order to dismiss him, when his words get wrapped around his neck. There's not a single fact they won't dismiss. Don't believe me? Post some facts for them to digest.

For those keeping score at home, this thread is what got me kicked off all of the Spokesman Review sites. A friend referred to DFO as "imperious". See if she's correct.

ty so much Sis ... i am like

ty so much Sis ... i am like mashed potatoes and gravy made from northern pike and campbells' cream of mushroom soup.

Running list

Would I be forgetting anyone by saying that many of us, including myself, Sis, Serephin, TUBOB, d2, and binky, are no longer welcome there? I consider myself in damn good company with you fine gentlemen, so clearly the problem isn't us.


Look at that though ... DFO bans almost all the liberal bloggers from his site ... even d2 (wherever he is)? Interesting. Thanks for that politicalgame ...

And he calls us inhospitable?

He ends up banning libs

He ends up banning libs because many of us cannot resist the allure of the squeaky chew toys available in that den of incompetency. My God. It's an Old Country Buffet of right wing drumsticks and meatloaves.


I was banned after unwinding that wind up dumbtoy by simply pointing out his wingnut rant about hammers being as deadly and common a murder weapon as handguns not only lacked an empirical basis it was a spittle spraying invective drummed up from the lowest level of Asshat Hell. He plunged into rapid unravel and DFO, the big furry rescue-neurotic, lumbered in for the rescue. Well, it is true that TUBOB does not half ass barbecue pulled pork (although he is known to pull his pork in a --- nevermind) and does not homebrew weak proto-urine grade ale and call it dixie.

And the others? My God. Duane comments like a robot. A robot who is not allowed adjectives. Thank you Duane for your comments. They are helpful. Subject - verb - object. It is all you need if you are a fucktard. Duane is a fucktard.

I could go on but I won't. DFO ends up jamming the hyper-intelligent, fact-based, teabag-tossing scribes of the left so he can keep his fetid compost heat of right wing garden debris steaming and decomposing.

It's a rodeo of stupid. A circus of coots. A farmland of fallacy. A berry patch of bitter buttheads. A school bus of Republican windowlickers.

The only thing that blog ever provided TUBOB more interesting than a brief glimpse at a cyberactive chain reaction Subaru Brat crash was a semi-cute streaked blonde of small stature yet big, shitty attitude who skipped through the berry patch swinging a basket full of bullshit. The fact she was a liberal makes TUBOB realize there is nothing in the world certain except Obama steamrolling whatever GOP weirdo is hoisted up by that party of decrepit old failures for a human sacrifice in November.


God I miss that. Bob is now referred to at HBO as "he who must not be named." People are genuinely scared to mention Bob's name lest Dave come unglued, kind of like they are right now. I think Dave gets off on the power trip. Speaking of which, I haven't seen Green Libertarian pipe in for a while.

Moon Girl

Since I can't seem to find an edit button for the above comment, I will instead retract my comment re the small statured, bit attitude blonde. She is also super cute not semi-cute. Compact with all the best curvatures. A beautiful elfin moon princess.

We were in a romantic relationship for eight months. One of sturm und drang and magical approaching mythical. I believed her when she told me I was the love of her life. She was mine.

But we were doomed. I am 13 years her senior. She said it didn't matter yet always avoided me meeting her family and friends. The fact she would not end a flirting Facebook relationship with a high schoolmate, who she dated after we broke up (and who met her family and friends within a week or two), sealed our fate.

I wrote and published her a book of poems chronicling our romance, "Love Among the Unicorns" she cried on Christmas Eve Eve when she opened the present. It might have been the best gift I've ever given.

She was/is the most powerful muse I've ever known. I became merely a conduit for power currents of words and emotions flowing from somewhere to her to me. I experienced an amazing hurricane of creativity.

We met because of HBO. We stayed together, against the odds, because we both know unicorns make love in the clouds of the moon and rivers and lakes are meant to give their most remarkable gifts only to those who love as elemental as they.

putting out fires with gasoline

when it goes it leaves

not on quiet cat feet

or the orderly march

of soldiers or drummers

it is the sound of

pterodactyl wings knocking

shit off hutches and tables

the sound not of plaintive

flutes or bagpipes echoing

across the moors

but chainsaws howling

into marshall amplifiers

dialed up to eleven

not the sight of golden

maple leaves softly floating

down to a gentle autumn rest

but of stars exploding

entire planets spinning

wildly out of orbit

not the smell of a distant

sweet perfume wafting

but of a gasoline fueled

bonfire conflagrating

tires and wheelbarrows

full of rotten hay

not the drift light touch

of a sympathetic hand

on top of another

but rough garnet sandpaper

on a belt sander on your heart

while standing

in a hot pit of broken glass

not the taste of a shared final

breakfast of huckleberry

pancakes and bacon

but of a bilious stew

of bad meat old carrots

and broccoli

and here is the thing

baby i would not have it

any other way

because there was no chance

we could walk quietly away

without turning around

tackling each other

and kissing kissing kissing

best work ever?

not sure I've seen it all to judge, but well done in verse, 'BOB. The MV just a whipped cream topping.

Out of adversity, we can find inspiration.



This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

Sometimes with a bang. Sometimes a really fkn loud bang!

Strange days on HBO

Sisyphus, I think Green Lib got coolered, too. Not sure if it's a lifetime ban or temporary, but I've seen him in other areas of the SR. As far as DFO coming unglued lately, I think part of it actually started as an attempt to clamp down on some right-wing nuts who were starting to poison the blog. DFO finally got fed up enough with Gary D Rhodes to kick him off of HBO forever, and he even got irritated enough with Duane Rasmussen that he (DFO) called Duane on the carpet for picking fights and then whining when intelligent people told him he was full of crap. My theory (which may be wrong) about the specifics of YOUR banishment is that it's religion, not politics, that finally made him flip out. Think about the threads concerning Santorum's visit to CdA, followed by the "faith" thread that led to your ouster.

I'm not here to defend DFO, but I do think some of you guys are being a bit too hard on him. He's farther to the right than us, sure, but he's not a right-wing extremist on most issues. And, for Kootenai County, he's downright moderate. I think he probably gets lots of crap for running a "liberal blog" that isn't in lockstep with the goals of the Kootenai County extremists, and that probably gets to him after a while. And, you'll notice that DFO is fiercely protective of people who are his friends. That's why Bent can dish it out but you get canned if you call him on it: DFO and Bent used to be colleagues at the SR, so Bent gets a shield of immunity, apparently.

One last thing: We need people like you guys on HBO. I know it can be hard to resist going after a clueless asshat, but you guys owe it to Idaho's shat-upon moderates, independents, progressives, and (yes, even) liberals to engage with the reactionary elements in our state in a public matter. We don't need more echo chambers - you need to be thorn in the side of the people who are destroying our state, and we need you to be engaged in broad-based discussions with people who aren't accustomed to having their talking-points "ideas" challenged. If you can find a way, please come back to HBO. It might not be worth it to you, but many of us rely on you for intelligent information and comments about the shit going in this state. And I, for one, find the direct observations from Boise very, very important to getting a read on the idiocy that spreads like gonorrhea gushing out of the Statehouse door.

Peace out, troublemakers. ;)


thanks for visiting buddy. Why do you hang your head so low?

Your perspective is interesting and dovetails with much of my own. I have a vague feeling I'm being hard on him, but not for anything known to us. I was/am more than willing to talk it through with him as we've done in the past. He made no such overture. And frankly our disagreements never numbered that many. His expulsion of me had very little to do with my actions. I'm pretty good at knowing his lines and when I cross them. But to ban me for the paucity of transgression clearly indicates other forces at work, particularly that he banned from all SR sites, including Betsy's. That act was intended to silence me.

We reserve our ridicule for the teh stupid. My tenure at HBO has yielded many fruits such that my expulsion from it is not without regret. But I don't suffer from the notion that it was due exclusively to my tendency to utilize snark to make a point. I almost always write with the audience in mind. If darker forces are at work on Dave, then its up to Dave to combat them. I suspect they hit close to home and I'm not without sympathy. I'll also continue to be true to the parameters I can operate within. So will he. He knows all that. But the move is his.

The problem w DFO, besides

The problem w DFO, besides his swarthy tendencies, is his grunting favoritism towards sadly deficient grill monkeys and his erstwhile hitmen like the chronically insecure and unfunny hack/flack Marky Stewart. The untalented seems to draw him in like a kitten to a late night orgy of black garbed Goths RPGing w their little sisters chained inside large parrot cages as sacrifices to their invented hideous dungeon masters.

He wears his emotions on his sleeves and leaps lemming like into the tragically futile fray. The promise of his little internet news aggregator and lonely hearts club never quite actualized and he is left bowed, bitter and broken as the bingo caller at the Huckleberries Shady Rest Assisted Living Center.

I very much enjoyed

reading that out loud.

Alliteration of Life

Why thank you. Life for me is the constant search for the music in life. The lyricism of nature, of language, of farting contests between drunk college students, of vox guitars playing neo-psychedelic drone reverb rock snaking and humming through my head, of poetry, of my skis on ice, of of of the scream of a squirrel the very microsecond it is impaled on an elk antler duct-taped to the grill of an 87 Subaru Brat (the Official Car-Truck of North Idaho™) romping down a dirt road in the Blanchard Valley, the bed clattering with empty Schmidt beer cans, the cab resplendent with dozens of little medieval action figurines krazy glued on the dash, the seats covered in wolf-malamute hybrid fur, the stereo blazing some Mastodon heavy metal while the driver, his eyes like flying saucers, his hands like skeleton hands, his hair falling out in patches under his "Cat Diesel Power" black ball cap, his heart firing an impressive 160 beats/minute in some sort of ventricular-atrial who-knowsical warp drive tachycardia, his blood crystallizing with Nazi Biker Meth, and all on his dopaminergic thunderstorm of a mind is DAY OLD CINNAMON ROLLS ON SALE IN SPIRIT LAKE!

Idaho is my lover.

DFO still sucks? I'm shocked.

First, a question for the assembled:

Does anyone else ever wonder about the Spokesman-Review: To channel Adam West's old sidekick, "sweet journalistic dichotomies! How do they keep Betsy **AND** the nitwit scribbler on the same staff?" That's a schism worse than calling oneself pro-life and pro-capital-punishment in the same breath, IMHO.

Getting back to this thread: Wow... Just wow. So much to parse, so densely packed:

  • Sis got banned;
  • I agree with TUBOB about DFO banning Sis
  • I agree with TUBOB and his penchant for Rage Against the Machine;
  • I'm glad I keep scotch by my keyboard thanks to my TMI hazmat perimeter that sprang up surrounding those two TUBOBian comments about his personal life, and... uh...

... Well, that much would be par for a blue week in red Idaho. But in this week where I've stayed away despite wanting to shout with glee that Nichole LeFevour is running against Plastic Mike Simpson and his unwrinkled brow of doom, the question that forced me to rediscover my 43sb password was:

  • I was banned?! ORLY?!

Let's skip the ontological: Can one in my circumstances really be **banned** from the nitwit scribbler's realm? Can a non-applicant nonattending nonmember even **BE BANNED**? I really doubt I ever had an account, but I do remember exchanging words with him.

Instead, I'll dwell on the fired-vs-quit timeline perspective: If I had had an account, since I remember arguing with him, what part of my just walking away merits banning? Does a banning count if I left permanently after he defended his sycophantic blowjob of an interview (was it with Sali?) by saying that he couldn't ask hardball questions or he'd never get another interview. I doubt I said a WORD there worth banning, so abrupt was my exit. Did DFO swing his mighty banhammer after I had already left? How stunningly lame.

Aside from a chance to verify and forever mock him for banning me after I'd already left, I can't fathom a need to return, so I mostly ask from a philosophical sort of curiosity. His was almost as depressing a cesspool as the Statesman's comments are now, but that cesspool and some ill-written cribbing from the intertubes are all he generates. He's certainly not putting out fresh journalistic data, editorial quality or opinion content like other papers' staff. He's getting paid to manage a blog and doing it horribly. By most business metrics, seems to me that DFO's a total Derp both incapable of wrangling new media or balancing his Horseberries comment-stream gracefully. Given that, the ad revenue can't be much.

Which takes me back to my amazement that he shares employment with Betsy R. And morbid curiosity that he hasn't outlived his welcome there.

Again, wow. So much to think through from this page.

I am sorry to hear that DFO ban-hammered you, Sis. As Minidoka Moscow wrote, DFO's decision is a loss for the entire PacNW readership of the SR: you fight teh crazy particularly well and gracefully.

That pretty much goes for so many of you here. At his best, DFO's not talented enough to match prose and parry thoughts against y'all. In a moment I can name more than a dozen of you that I consider to be fearless, brilliant and consistent as writers. Him, not so much.

If consolation is needed for being banned by him, we can form a club, get T-shirts, invent a handshake, etc. It'd be like the faux-club East Idahoan liberals used to jokingly mention when we earned the radio wrath of Trish and Halli. Before they lost their show. And a meaner consolation hiding in my revenue remarks above: based on what he does, DFO's paycheck has gotta be as embarrassing as what Idaho pays teachers. Online or in print, nowadays most newsies get the screwsies.

Oh admit it ... Wicked Game

Oh admit it ... Wicked Game by Chris Isaak had to at least twinge a nostalgic nerve or two ... the halcyon days of MTV when a black and white music video with a hot supermodel effing mattered... btw ... used to chat w Chris in AOL chatrooms back in the early oughts. Very bright and hilarious guy.

Back down to one thing in common

There's something so wrong in mixing name-dropping with the words 'AOL chatrooms'.

I do like Chris Isaac's crooning. Non-sequiter: the kid next door back when I was a tyke in Salmon became a graphic artist, and did photoshop work for his 'Forever Blue' Tour t-shirts.

My mistake

My apologies to Mr. d2 for wrongly assuming that he had been banned from HBO. I remember the "words" exchanged by he and DFO about that interview. It was early on in my friendship with these fine folks at 43SB and I *loved* every minute of that exchange. d2 was just tellin' it like it was. Softballs being lobbed at Sali (I do think it was Sali), kids gloves being used, etc. It was a noble attempt to point out the obvious. As I thought were my own words when DFO and I exchanged "words" about Zeb Bell and why hate speech anywhere in Idaho should be important to ALL of Idaho. What do I know.

As for this club we should form, I distinctly remember d2 and I having matching shirts already... We showed up wearing them when we filmed a video for the original Red State Rebel. As for a handshake, I vote for something that does not include imitating a wide stance. Just sayin'.

That's what? Two degrees of

That's what? Two degrees of Chrisseparation? I've got three degrees - ex girlfriend's sister did him in San Francisco.

The internet makes the world so much smaller. Not sure about more manageable.

Oh yeah, the ex gf? Met her in an AOL chatroom!

It's like everything is connected in some frightening way.

Embargo over

And the air never tasted so acrid.

Did you then write your swan song?