Let's do the time warp again!

Sorry about a day of our site looking like May 23rd all over again.

I've spoken with the ISP, and we suspect that it must somehow be Senator McGee's fault.

There are perfectly valid medical explanations for all this. I got a concussion. My cab dropped me off at the wrong house. An otter was chasing me. I'm rushing Alpha Chi Sigma's. Well, now that that's been fully explained, I think we'll all agree that it's better if we just put it behind us once and for all -- The central committee has called for a vote.

All in favor, say Aye.

(three 'Aye's heard from the McGee table).

All opposed by the same sign:

(a groundswell of 'Aye's)

Ah, good. The Aye's have it. Let's speak no more of this or any other tawdry bit of silliness involving Senator McGee's personal proclivities.

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I suspect...

... Senator McGee got his gin and tonics on again, became corking snoggarded, and once more urinated his undertrousers and pantaloons. The resulting runoff somehow landed upon electronic equipment nearby, causing a quantum feedback that temporarily discombobulated our site's servers. Simple, really, when you think about it.