The Iowegians have spoken (can we skip the primaries?)

The eyes just sort of follow you, don't they...   Congratulations to Michele Bachmann for winning the straw poll in Iowa, and especially for outdoing RommneyCorp and Huntsman combined by a ratio of 9 to 1.

And mad feminist props/congratulations to the N.O.W. for defending her last week-- it's cool they took a stand against the double standard exhibited by some lame newsweakly that called her the Queen of Rage as if anger or indignation is a political no-no.

Focussing on anger is reminiscent of 2008's nattering about Hillary's appearance as if it mattered politically when several porcine congresscritters offer such blisteringly ugly counterevidence (it's amazing those greasy old white dudes can retail-politic themselves enough to attract a spawning partner, let alone get elected).

But let's just put a little pin in the Faux Congratulations chat for a sec--

Candidate Bachmann's glaring flaw isn't about words like weak, raging, fashionable, pretty, angry, uppity or any other irrelevancy aimed by ugly old goats of the establishment toward tokenizing and trivializing the political career of minority candidates. It's NONE OF THOSE THINGS. Bachmann's problem is her political record and the positions she takes.

Batshit Insane kind of **matters** in presidential prospects, dunnit? Dunnit?!

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Thanks, d2


A Different Comparison

Considering that Rep. Bachmann got 4800 votes even though she bought and distributed about 6000 tickets, one could say that Govs. Romney and Huntsman, who didn't buy any tickets, actually beat her by about 600 to -1200.

"When all else fails, revel in the absurdity of it all"