F911: Let's get ready to rumble

Julie in Boise here. I've been in touch with Carole Skinner, owner of The Flicks, about whether we can have a voter registration table there during Farenheit 911's run. She tells me she has already been in touch with the Ada County Dems and the state party in hopes of arranging just such a presence.

If you are near Boise and would be willing to help staff a registration table, please let me know by emailing me at julie@juliefanselow.com. I'll have more info soon.

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The Ada County Dems are havin

The Ada County Dems are having a fundraiser there on the 11th. 6 pm pre show rally, 7 pm movie, also 9 pm if we sell out the 7 pm. $20.

Preaching to the choir

The Ada County Dem fundraiser is a great idea, but that'll be preaching to the choir!

I plan to be at The Flicks tomorrow (Friday) from about 6:15 on through the evening, to register voters. If anyone wants to come help, by all means, plan on it. Email me at julie@juliefanselow.com if you think you'll be there.

It'd be great to get other people to cover other screenings of the film over its run, which will obviously be at least three weeks long.

By the way, another F911 screening benefit - planned this Sunday night by Treaure Valley Television - is SOLD OUT.