Sisyphus on Facebook

Update 3/30: My two day banning ended. Afterward I sent maybe another five or ten friend requests and now I'm banned for four days. If you've sent a friend request, be patient. Facebook and I have yet to come to terms.

Yes, hell has frozen over and here's your invitation to ice skate on my luddite remains. When I went to issue invitations on teh Facebook, the Facebook minions flagged me for spamming people I didn't know. Of course Sisyphus knows these people personally. Glad to know my social media skills are on par with my social skills. Regardless you'll have to "come to butthead" to be my friend.

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Woo! Nice Pic

I like that graphic, Sisyphus.

Welcome to facebook, at long last!

...searching for the truth...


Completely stunned.

I think FB just changed its friending process

I tried to friend someone today, and I was asked whether I "knew" the person or not. As though I'm actually going to say "no." Better get used to it Sis ... FB doesn't always make sense.

Reminds me of the scene in Life of Brian where Brian is asking if he can join the Judean People's Front People's Front of Judea.

"If you wanted to join the PFJ, you'd have to really hate the Romans."

"I do."

"Oh yeah, how much."

"A lot."

"Right, you're in!"

Bloody Romans

You mean you'd never seen that message before? I blasted right through a dozen of those messages. Hence the banning. WTF do they ask questions if they don't give a shit about the answer, he asks rhetorically while pondering the irony. I think another thing bugging them is that I'm not letting Facebook mine my address books. Instead I am hooking up friends from my friend lists who I have good reason to believe should be interested, but Facebook believes to be a harvest.

The sentence was swift and without appeal. I've left at least two messages which likely went into the ether. The help section wasn't. It just said that once it happens there's nothing they can do. I didn't even get a warning, like, 'if you try and befriend some other poor schlub, we're going to send death rays out your mouse's scroll wheel and then fry your hard drive for good measure.' I'm developing something of an antipathy towards the bastards.

Definitely do NOT

give Facebook anything of yours that you don't have to. Not that you have much control over that, but still.

And ha ha ha you left them a message? Good.Luck.With.That!

The only thing we hate more than the Romans is the Judean People's Front facebook.

What are you saying?

That their representation that they'd get back to me sometime today might be (gasp) a lie? (sniffle)

I'm done with that obsession for a while. Time to see what the idiot convention is doing in the Statehouse.

Sis is a baaaaaaad boy...

Here's what they tell me

If you’ve been prevented from adding friends on Facebook, it’s likely because many friend requests you’ve sent recently have gone unanswered. This may be because you’ve sent friend requests to strangers, or it may be due to other behavior that Facebook members have reported as unwelcome.

You’ll be allowed to add friends again soon. At that time, please remember to only send friend requests and messages to people who you already know personally. Otherwise, additional limits may be placed on your account.

I couldn't have more than ten out there and they've only been there ten minutes when they banned me for four days. How the hell would they know if they are strangers? Its entirely premised on that determination. But worse, they say next time only send to people you know. I did that and they banned me again.

Oy. Sisyphus shrugs. We hates them, we do.


Wow. I have never gotten those messages but I have heard of others who have. Sorry, buddy!

...searching for the truth...

very strange

considering Facebook is really pushing their 'find a friend' thing. I accepted your invite before the banning. Does that mean you'll have to re-send to everyone if you are un-banned?

And all the more strange, since just tonight I befriended a young kid who plays the banjo. I don't know her from Adam's off ox, but she is a friend of several of my friends, so she obviously isn't getting hassled.

It must be due to your lack of cooperation with handing over your personals freely. I'm having exactly the same reservations now with UTube- all of a sudden it wants me to register with Google, and I am not about to do that!

Facebook is a very useful thing for connections, but obviously, there is a high price for those in professions where confidentiality is important. In your shoes, I would be baulking, too.