Idaho Needs a Strike!

The Wobblies commissioned these prints in anticipation of a widespread work walkout in Wisconsin, or the Middle East, or wherever working people are getting unfairly penalized for an economic disaster they did nothing to facilitate and everything to avoid. Wisconsin's lying governor continues his downward trajectory in popularity while he turns the Madison statehouse into armed camp. If you're not familiar how a union affected your life, take a look at these five things unions accomplished to mold America's middle class.

In Idaho, most of the push back from this legislature's radical agenda penalizing the middle class is focused on Superintendent Tom Luna, and his Education Deform plan. There's a recall effort underway which faces the daunting task of getting 158,000 signatures. But by far the most effective high profile method thus far has been student protests. And this is validated by Luna's efforts to condescendingly dismiss these students as being lazy, ignorant little shits.

Idaho Republicans are again using a divide and conquer strategy in adopting their radical legislation, which, ironically, is precisely why we have collective bargaining. Separately, we have Medicaid recipients, teachers, parents, and students holding rallies. The AARP is mad as hell about "conscience legislation" which may compromise their end of life directives. Women's advocates again face the prospect of the state interfering in their reproductive choices. Higher education takes it on the chin but the prison budget actually gets increased. There's lots to be disgruntled about but declaring opposition one small rally at a time won't get anyone's attention, let alone find meaningful change.

Protests should be focused and large. The Idaho Democratic Party is in a unique position to coordinate these events and would gain greatly by signing up the newly politicized. .

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And when you least expect it...

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