The Consequences of the Citizen United Case

Summer has sponsored an attack ad on winter.

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Hints at a great truth

a cute, facetious ad. But I swear to you, as God is my witness, Idaho political bozos haven't clue to the fact the state is #1. Isolated as hell, not on the way to any place #2. has a restricted 8-9 month economy (courtesy of 'winter'), and #3. has a dangerously, self-perpetuating insular culture that cannot see the obvious (unlike other supposedly isolated 'winter states', i.e. Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Iowa, Colorado, Utah, et al).

Yeah, everybody here thinks I'm nuts about the remaining big employers leaving Idaho...but it's going to happen...those stars are coming into alignment right now.


don't confuse criticism of your abrasive style with with denigration of your subject matter. I don't recall saying you were nuts on that theory. Flesh it out and make your case.