What Climate Change?

UPDATE 1/13: Meteor Blades noted NOAA's announcement yesterday that 2010 tied the record for the hottest year and set the record for the wettest. That doesn't include the event depicted below.

Here's flash flood footage from Queensland, Australia which happened January 10. This comment was left over on Balloon Juice.

[M]y state of Queensland is pretty much underwater. We’ve exceeded our 40 days and 40 nights by a pretty wide margin and more rain is expected.

The town of Toowoomba, about 80 miles west of Brisbane, was hit by flash floods last night, so far 8 dead and more than 70 missing. The Brisbane River has topped its banks and parts of the city is flooding as I write, whether it will reach the record 1974 levels is an open question. The main dam on the Brisbane River has reached 154% capacity and is releasing 170 gigalitres per day.

This is on top of the floods in the north of the state last week, which left an area larger than Texas underwater.

So on the whole things are wet and getting wetter.

I'm sorta aghast that folks would park their cars next to a river bed with the weather they've had so far. Needless to say it establishes that this event is highly unusual to the people that live there. John Cole of Balloon Juice lives in West Virginia and they're expecting 5-16 inches of snow. That weather system extends down into the deep south which is bracing for unprecedented snow levels for which they lack infrastructure to cope. We've had record winter storms in north America and Europe in addition to the massive wild fires in Russia in past six months. Travel has been significantly impacted requiring the devotion of additional resources instead of applying resources to salve a sputtering economy which is peanuts compared to what climate change will accomplish.

Its an appropriate juncture to point out the misnomer of the term 'global warming' when discussing the effects of climate change, the consequence of which is predicted to be extreme weather conditions. While some Bible thumpers urge that this was a result of repealing Don't Ask, Don't Tell, scientists have warned of
just these consequences for decades.

Idaho's congressional delegation is firmly in the do nothing crowd. They'll talk about climate change if it means enhancing Idaho's nuclear industry. Other than that they'll do whatever the Kochtopus requires of them.

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I thought Giga was for Watts.

I'll admit I can work in most units, but Gl/d is not one that's familiar. 170 of them equate to 70,000 cfs in Imperial units. (And how fitting that the US is about the only country left that uses those.)

As for the weather on your planet, I've been favoring "global climatic disruption" over other terms. Could be just a nasty storm, could be climactic. Or Biblical.


You and Mrs. Boise have a lot more fun during a storm than I do. ;-)

Mrs. Boise is amused

but says "we are telling you nothing. Use your imagination."

(And just so you know, that extra 'c' was deliberate and did not refer to what the Mrs. and I are up to.)

and then I watched the vid

TooWOOMba. That is some kind of funky valet parking.

A friend from Blackfoot lives in Toowoomba

Strange to see Toowoomba in the news; a dear friend from Blackfoot lives and works in public safety down there. Immediately made sure he & his family are ok -- gotta love 21st century tech: switched in half an hour from deep concern to wishing him happy birthday.

For reference, several hundred square miles of Queensland province have averaged a foot of rain in the last month, with some areas getting 3 feet. Three frickin' feet.

And what is up with gigaliters? How silly. Acre-feet is so much more human-friendly an idea. If you're a spud farmer.


Oooh...this may surpass Kalamazoo, MI or King of Prussia, PA as my favorite bizarre city/town name.

How about these?

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, Humptulips, Washington, and Frog Suck, Wyoming. And one of my favorites closer to home is Beaver Dick Park named for the renowned trapper and explorer whose well respected Shoshone wife Jenny became the namesake for one of the most beautiful lakes on the planet.


Do I want to know the origin of Humptulips? Far too attractive there, huh? I know somebody in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. It'd be funny if the town weren't so depressing. You think parts of Idaho have a meth problem...