Robo-R - it's like Whac-a-mole!

Well, yesterday was unsurprising. Cheers to Edgar Malepeai and Brian Cronin, Wendy Jacquet and so many others: several stalwart blue districts remain in Boise, Bannock, Blaine and Latah. It's unnerving to see wins by less than 10% in Bannock, but that's what Idaho's 'not gerrymandering' districts 40-100 miles out of cities gets ya. Nobody's shocked that wingnut fever is rampant in Soda Springs.

Not surprised by the pasting Walt Minnick looks to have gotten. Saddened, because I think the world of John Foster and Serephin tells me A.K. Minnick is so awesome that I'll accept that Walt was just tapdancing on a razor-thin line, hoping to find a 3rd way.

But as bad as Team Minnick's gotta feel, imagine the pain that is East Idaho's moderate Republicans this morning. Republicans-for-Allred leader Sharon Perry gave me an earful when we sat together at the July 4th 'parade rules' mandatory meeting. They're waking up to an even worse hangover -- It's got to suck something fierce to lose hard to a robotic lockstep 'punch the R, not the name' (I just know there's jazzy video brightly chanting "it's like Whac-A-Mole!" hiding in JoAn Wood's closet) that you've spent decades cultivating. Welcome to our world, Republicans for Allred.

On a 43sb-neighborhood note, condolences to Sharon Fisher. It wasn't you, it's rural Robo-R.

Anything else I've missed? I'll try to get details on my rumor of challenges, and I forgot to ferret out data from Teton county -- they turned bluish-purple in '08; someone else find out details; I've gotta head to work.

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You're much kinder

than I'm gonna be. After watching the three primary Democratic hopefuls get up at Democratic Party celebration headquarters last night and disavow any association with the Democratic Party, I feel yesterday was like taking a shower as we wash away some slimy bad rubbish. And I feel refreshed. About half the congressional losers were blue dogs. They all got what they deserved.


Minus the late night hangover I seem to have this morning (who needs alcohol when sleep deprivation can do the trick, right?), I'm feeling pretty damn good this morning. And relief. Lots of relief. I sure hope in the next two years Democrats start talking like Democrats again and aren't afraid to say 'Hey, I'm a Democrat and damn proud of it. Bite me!'

District 6

Dems picked up a seat here in District 6, where Dan Schmidt beat Teabagger, Gresham Bouma.

Other than that, I'm just trying to hold off on toldyaso's (lookin' at you, Minnick/Foster) long enough for our wounds to heal up at least a little bit. . .


I didn't mean to say anything close to 'toldyaso' and if it came off that way, I apologize.

What's your take on the amendment dealing with UI tuition? I was opposed to going to a tuition system when ISU & BSU did it and I'm opposed to it at a land grant. However, I do think that all three of the main schools should be on the same system. Just curious...

Was not referring to you

Only to myself. No apology necessary. I have always found your comments to be cordial and beneficial.

U of I tution

In the end I decided to vote for it so that prospects would have an avenue for fair comparisons. The old model of the land grant colleges makes comparison shopping hard in the modern world. Hopefully U of I will bring their billing into the mainstream, If not maybe it's time for a truth in cost of education bill.

UI Tuition

I would be solidly against it if I had ANY hope of a legislature in my remaining lifetime that would adequately fund education. Since I think the chance of that is worse than slim-to-none, I voted in favor of it, as did most of the young people I know who voted at all.

Didn't Help Them

I saw that only 12 of the 39 Democrats who voted against the HCR Bill were re-elected. They probably should have voted for what was right, rather than for what they thought would get them re-elected. (Note that I'm not claiming causality, just correlation.)

"When all else fails, revel in the absurdity of it all"

I've been

toldyasoing all morning. Today's the day to sling blame learn from our mistakes. I fully intend on making some judicious points in a post soon. I'm trying to get over the disgust of our three top tier candidates eschewing anything to do with Democrats AFTER the polls had closed but BEFORE any returns were in. Fuck them.

And true that Bubbles. The progressive blogosphere pointed to that folly as it was occurring. Indeed Kos repeatedly pointed out that they'll be the first on the chopping bloc and was vindicated by the results last night. It was self defeating for blue dogs to run right in a futile effort to save their hides instead of standing for something. All they succeeded in doing is become another story in the right wing media narrative validating the Republican position and of why Democrats are weak and have no conviction.

Third way? How about the highway...

And ditto Sisyphus ... Fuck Them. This is precisely what came to my mind as I read D2's post. Walt Minnick didn't dance on the line, he intentionally stepped off the line and into the mud. His "third way" is now the highway. Yeah yeah yeah we'd be "better off" with him in Congress than Raul Labrador ... he still lost my respect, such as it was, and I'm just glad I don't live in his district and so didn't have to soil myself by casting a vote for him.

Are you actually suggesting we feel sorry for "Republicans for Allred?" You gotta be kidding me. Poor poor poor eastern Idaho moderate Republicans. I have a long pity list - they're close to the bottom.

Despite all the secrecy

about Allred's maneuvering behind the Zion curtain and the assurances that he had a plan for victory while virtually abandoning the rest of the state, that guy turned out to be nothing but a rank amateur in whom the Idaho Democratic Party trusted with our brand, our contributions, and our mailing lists just so he could be an "independent" running as a Democrat. Thanks Betty. He won two frickin' counties. That's some vindication for Jerry Brady who kicked his ass in SE Idaho while burdened with two massive detriments, he wasn't of the faith and ran a provocative newspaper. But what a cost.

On the plus side

At least we don't have to spend 2 years attempting to mount a credible primary campaign against Minnick now.

I look forward to your post-election analysis, Sisyphus. Mine will also be forthcoming.

I'm curious about everyone's opinion regarding how the pre-election polls for the Minnick/Labrador race could have been so wrong. I mean, those polls were apparently pretty darned off the mark.

The Greg Smith poll

should never have been taken seriously. Either it was an outlier or up to Greg's usual standards, or both. All other polls consistently showed Labrador momentum.

The dive in the polls...

I've got an election day, prediction/analysis that accounts for Minnick's dive. The short version: it directly correlates to his negative ads. Check it out here if you'd like.

Is there any chance

that the late afternoon/evening media reports of sweeping GOP wins in the East persuaded undecided and/or noncommittal late-day voters to jump on the Republican bandwagon? Certainly Minnick had some electability issues, (even my Grandma said "Oh, Minnick? He's the mean one!") but it does seem odd that polls would be that far off.

Not with these margins

it wouldn't have amounted to a hill of beans. I wanted to make a deal out of the dirty politics of voter suppression by the the secretary of state. But that's also rendered moot by the wide margins of victory. Those things only matter in close races.

who knows what lurks inside the minds

of men or women who don't decide how or whether to vote until the last minute, but I'm guessing the universe of people who (a) pay enough attention to be influenced and then (b) decide to go vote late in the day is pretty small.

But I don't live in that universe. Election day is the highest holy day of civil duty in mine. Can not even imagine tossing it in with a ho hum, won't bother voting this time, even with the many Hobson's choices Idaho ballots offer.

So glad you posted this MG

I've been having some in-person discussions about whether Minnick lost b/c of the negative ads and/or whether he got caught up in the national trend. Been wondering what this community here thinks.

I too am terribly, sadly disappointed in Minnick.