Bring your ID when you go to vote, folks!

As we mourn Ted Sorensen, who passed away this weekend, keep JFK's famous "Ask not.." phrase in mind tomorrow. I got to hear him compare / contrast the Kennedy administration with Obama's when he talked in Denver during the '08 convention. When asked, he gently, gracefully tap-danced around the question of whether the line was his or JFK's. Even then, he was so very *frail*, so lean. Listening to him, that frailty vanished -- I was transfixed and could hear the wunderkind responsible for so much magic within Kennedy's writing, ideology and speeches. Researchers can debate who wrote those words forever; I won't.

Here's what you can do for your country: Get out and vote. And as boneheaded as Idaho's voter ID law is, it's easiest if you bring a photo ID! If anyone seems to get caught sidways of this, the law allows any voter on the rolls to vote once they've signed an affadavit.

Then, be sure to report back here with your impressions, what you hear or see. We've got GOTV going strong in Bonneville, and I'm told they're slating up poll-watchers to prevent any sort of shenanagins (unreasonable challenges, vote suppresion). And keep the news coming in as polls close. Especially good news. Or at least pics from good parties...

I doubt I'll be celebrating much of anything tomorrow -- I expect to be quietly contemplating my conversation with John Foster eighteen months ago. He explained their rightward tack and the supporting polls, and I said it wouldn't be enough to sway people that vote R unflinchingly. I hope I'm wrong near-term, but am not looking forward to long-term impacts of the race several prominent D's have run. We've got to craft and embrace a resonant Democratic narrative. Not doing so locally and nationally has led us to the November 2nd we face.

Still, every candidate and staffer has far more skin in the game than me. And with that devotion, they've earned my respect. Good luck to every Democrat on tomorrow's ballot. And my deepest thanks.

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Didn't bring it (into the polling place), don't have to

I smiled and said I'd be happy to sign an affidavit, and they proffered the form. And after filling it out and having them sign in the attest slot... I signed the voter roll too, just like the good old days.

However: when one gal passed the stack over to the other gal, she said "hmm, we don't have many of these left." When they run out, it would certainly be easier to just show your ID then to find out how they deal with that problem.

It was busy, but not so busy we had to wait in line.

Not too busy yet in Meridian

I voted at about 11:00, steady turn out but they are prepared. Two tables of registration and plenty of booths.

If you need to find out if you're registered or where to vote go to the official state website not .com or .org as those URLs will take you the Idaho Freedom Foundation's website.

East end

I voted this morning around 8:30 MDT at the local elementary school on Warm Springs in Boise just after school had started. They had about two dozen booths set up and those were about 40-70% full while I was there. No lines but steady. I had anticipated more parents to be there after having dropped their kids off.

I almost ran sidewise of the ID law.

When I presented ID, the person in charge of the poll didn't like the discrepancy on my driver's license. While I just pulled out a fishing license to provide something more current, she was technically in the wrong in requesting more -- all that the law allows is photo identity verification. A challenge elsewhere in the area was made (and overruled) when someone presented a Utah driver's license.

I'm also hearing that Bonneville democrats successfully challenged a slew of bad applications for pollwatchers -- suddenly, there weren't any teabaggers to challenge (cough-cough, *INTIMIDATE*) voters.

In I.F.

I didn't hear about the challenges to the pollwatcher's applications here, and I'd like to hear more about them. For sure, I doubt they will be covered by TV or the Post-Register. The P-R didn't do any endorsements that I saw this time around.

The voting was steady with no wait at my precinct, but my Mom's was crowded across town. I saw one lady signing an affidavit when I voted, and there seemed to be no problems- she was voting when I left. I saw no pollwatchers at all at my precinct, and saw most of the same folks as other elections behind the desks.