Melaleuca and copyright

There's considerable irony that Frank 'Vader' Vandersloot (and Melaleuca) think there's fair use value to their copyright infringement even after being denied copyright access.

Every other political attack group has learned the process: you put the words up on the screen while having them narrated (preferrably by Don De La Fontaine). No infringement is needed.

It's ironic, given how fond of copyright protections Melaleuca is when they *like* them.

As a reminder, a few years ago, Melaleuca freaked out about Tom Paine -- understandable, since Tom's got a certain je ne sais quoi to his writing. He said that Vader was aruging for a closed courtroom / hearing in his case against Melaleuca's former-golden-boy VP Wasden because there were things that'd come out that'd get Vader excommunicated, if memory serves. We got a hand-delivered cease-n-desist letter (I call it 'fan mail #1'). When I removed the offensive post and (in explanation) posted the cease-n-desist letter, Vader filed a DMCA Takedown, claiming I'd violated copyright.

Of course, Melaleuca had to retroactively file for copyright on the C&D letter, hire some copyright attorneys over in Boise (Idaho is a hotbed of Copyright law, doncha know!), and send them all off for a day in federal court to try to prove that my posting a scanned image of a DMCA takedown was a crime so egregious that the best first remedy was to tell them who the hell Tom Paine was.

Go read that last sentence again -- it still doesn't make sense 3 years later, unless Tom makes Vader crazy in ways Bubblehead can't begin to touch.

When Melaleuca lost that demand, we dropped back off their radar. I guess that's lucky, considering I haven't got a freaking clue who Tom Paine is.

Kudos to Vader, who has now claimed both ends of the jurisdictional fence when it involves copyright. He's apparently as morally flexible on copyright as he is on Marriage (he likes his own divorce, but rails against Teh Gay) and touting religion in political races (having Mitt Romney fly to Idaho just to stump against a fellow Mormon for wearing his religion on his sleeve was f***ing hilarious!).

The rest of our story of Melaleuca's litigious nature, with linkys and commentary, are still sitting there in the left toolbar, under Melaleuca Lawsuit FAQ.

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and you unfucked the blog too. Must be election season.

I'm going to the Minnick-Labrador fun fest at City Club today. Could be interesting to see the two out-conservative each other at a function composed largely of moderate Republicans and Democrats on the eve of the Republican primary general election. Any questions you want asked?


I think the ad was done in-house, as Melaleuca has extensive print and vid capabilities. But the folks who do their stuff probably don't have experienced ad professionals guiding and supervising them, especially in the political and topical stuff. The deparment. does whatever Darth tells them to do with no questions.

Vandersloot is flexible, though.... when he sensed the tide of supporting the gay Boy Scout molester was solidly against him, he went from attacking the brave kids who reported the guy to praising them in the wink of an eye in the full-page ad he calls The Community Page which is irregularly published in the Post-Register.