Village Idiot makes Digby

It gives me no joy to point out that the Village Idiot got substantial mention yesterday on Digby's blog, though I guess I can take small consolation that PFAW, PrideDEPOT and Boise's Jody May-Chang are tracking his relentless dimwitted pushing of his American Taliban agenda.

Hmm, the rest of America got Bryan Fishwrap and the VI position here in Idaho was filled by Wayne Hoffmann, who is merely economically drain-bammaged. Not the best of trades, but certainly not the worst possible outcome.

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He's been all over

the big dog blogs since he left. And even some major media outlets. Our loss is their gain. Bubbles has taken to calling him the Orca stoner for wanting to go Biblical on the killer whale in captivity that killed its trainer. He made lots o' headlines with that one. Personally I think the name makes him sound like he's tokin' a big doob.

Recently he was all over the Mosque controversy trying to out demagogue everyone else. He looks competitive in the national loons. He'll be the go to fodder for the left wing blogs for a long time. I get a little verklempt reflecting that our little idiot has blossomed into the big time. (sniffle)

Site hits

I seem to know every time he's said something ridiculous because my site hits go up by a few dozen from people searching 'Bryan Fischer' or 'Focal Point.'