Because They Just Aren't Working Hard Enough...

"Instead of having members of the National Guard "sit and wait for six months" when they're not deployed in a war zone, it might be a better idea to send them down to patrol the Mexican border on their downtime," according to Raul Labrador. Maybe it's Labrador's extensive military background that causes him to think that American men and women in the National Guard are slacking off in between their multiple deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq, but it seems awful cold-hearted to me.

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Way to go Thommy G

Seeing you out blogging and shit makes me all verklempt.

The Republican line on the military is that they ain't worth a hill o' beans unless they's shooting at brown people. Why should soldiers have families or chase the American dream?

Does he think we should blockade Puerto Rico?

Or for that matter

why should brown people have families or chase the American dream?

Unbelievable . . .

. . . or then again, maybe not. We don't really value soldiers & their families (I don't know the current stats of those receiving food stamps, but that even one needs food stamps speaks shameful volumes)in spite of an astronomical and ever increasing military budget.

In spite of not being a supporter, I'm really disappointed by Labrador's inhumane ignorance :-(


Wonder how HuffPo gets the audio from a Payette County GOP meeting... and then Minnick's Minions are all a-twitter over it? I suppose this audio wouldn't have worked so well in a race-baiting, bigoted ad so you gotta do something with it. Didn't Minnick send out a press-release in May in favor of sending the National Guard to the border, too? And wasn't it HuffPo Minnick was running from last year? And didn't he call Mike Stark, the blogger, the scum of the earth? And didn't Foster say that HuffPo was too liberal to understand why Minnick would accept an endorsement from TeaParty Express?

This is priceless...

I look forward to the write up.

a-twitter. -heh