This Is Offensive

On many levels. If Minnick were in a tight race, an ad like this might at least be understandable. But he's not. So it isn't.

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Whistling for Wingnuts

Yes, I know some Idaho Democrats are disappointed with the new Minnick campaign ad, but you've got to remember, Minnick votes with the Democrats over elebbenty-hundred percent, and that's what's important. Here's what I wrote last night to someone on Facebook about the Minnick ad:

Can't fail by using them eee-legal dirty Messicans as the right-wing's whipping boy. Say, what was that paragraph in the Idaho Democratic Party's 2010 platform? Something about, "We support comprehensive immigration reform that is enforceable, allows needed workers to legally enter the United States, protects the integrity of the family, and provides a legal path towards citizenship for law abiding workers." Nah, screw that. Better to demonize the brown-skinned furriners before they take all our jobs, steal our white women and drink our last beer. That'll learn 'em.

So, Congressman Minnick, I do understand that you really want to win (after all, John Foster's gotta eat!), and you seem willing to do or say whatever it takes to pile-drive a victory to the ground. So, since you've got the power of rich, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant conservatism behind you, why be so tentative? What not just come out and say what you (i.e., John Foster) really want to say in your TV spot:

"I'm Walt Minnick, and I approve this message."

The Mexican with the Mexican name, Raul Labrador, makes loads of dirty money bringing greasy illegal criminal Mexicans into Idaho. He even ran Rapid Immigration dot com to allow those Welfare-stealing beaners to become Mexico-Americanos.

What does Raul Labrador, the Mexican-Water Dog hybrid, think about his scheme to truck in millions of brown-skinned taco-bending drug lords: "Now I like it because I make a good living off it."

Sneaking in billions of filthy wetbacks to steal our jobs, rape our women and turn all our family automobiles into pin-striped, chromed low-riders with the loud stereos and the little dog in the back with the head that bobs up-and-down might be right for Raul Labrador, but it sure makes him wrong for white, wealthy, God-fearing, race-bating Idaho.

If that's still too subtle for you Walt/John, just throw four or five uses of the work "spic" in there, and you'll be throwing hot ones right across the plate. No more of this "dog-whistle" bullshit -- even the most dense wingnut will understand you now.

Good luck with your campaign, Congressman Minnick. Remember, if you can't earn respect with your actions, you can always take it with power.


You forgot wetback. You need to write more.

Damn you bastards. Now you made me watch it.

What occurs to me is that this election smacks of a Republican primary where we are irrelevant. Walt sure makes it damn hard to claim him.


... it's in there. R e a d . . . s l o w e r .

p.s. -- Kos at DailyKos has a slam on Minnick and his new TV ad on the front page right now: ID-01: Walt Minnick (D), bigoted ass


Not only Kos, but Atrios has Minnick as Wanker of the Day.

An Idaho Democrat. Thanks Walt.


is always good with the numbers. He breaks down why this hurts Democrats in Idaho.

The Idaho Politics blog

on the Statesman website also mentioned the Daily Kos post here this morning. Calls it an "adult- rated posting" to alert those delicate Statesman readers who may be offended by Kos's use of the word asshole.

I went, I saw

I commented.

Really Dan? "Influential"? I think you missed the point. This is nobody's fault but Minnick's.

You KOS dillweed!

That foreignoregonian boob suggests that you should be censored on the Statesman site for being too wonky. Oh that's rich.

I might have posted the above on the Statesman website, but it won't let me type the word boob. Or assess cuz it has the word ass in it. Those words = too much adult content. Which makes my 12-year old more of an adult than some Statesman readers apparently.

I love him

You leave FO alooooooone.

Yeah that auto censor is irritating.

He's not Mexican...

He's Puerto Rican. FWIW. ;-)


... knew that. But to a lot of Anglos in the Gem State, anybody whose skin color is darker than off-white mus' be one 'o them Messicans.

I forgot to h/t

It does have a tone of desperation

Many people are speculating that Walt's internal polling shows a tighter race than the KTVB poll discloses.

It is odd that he feels the need to define "Raul" so bluntly in racial terms when I'd think highlighting his stance on the 17th amendment or the gold standard oughta do the trick. Then again the dog whistle he's using is pitched for the dumbest of breeds.

Because the smarter breeds ...

... have heard and rejected this type of bullshit long ago.

Speculate please ... how many actual Democrats, percentage-wise, do you think Walt can count as his supporters? I know TWO, out of many. You probably know who they are ... they are of the "he may be a Republican, but he's our Republican" variety. Before, I was willing to shrug this off with a "yeah yeah yeah" wave of my hand. Now .... I'm actually anti-Walt. The gloves are off.

His entire statewide staff

and some of his DC staff still vote in Idaho.

I cannot shrug this off.

Pardon Me While I Puke

This really is disgusting. Nothing subtle about it, is there? Unlike, "I'm Walt Minnick, and yes I'm a Democrat (wink, wink)."

I cannot tell y'all how happy I am we've not given a penny to Minnick to air this total crap.

OTOH, perhaps we should be grateful to these ads for unveiling Minnick's lack of character & moral fiber.

This really sucks ass, Walt!

Why, oh why do you feel the need to out-right the right?!

I have to agree, untamed

Minnick needs to pull this ad. Now. Democrats don't racebait.

Edit: Any ideas as to how we might be able to influence him to pull this ad? Or does everyone think that's completely out of the question?

Just keep squawking

Its what we do best. MGR and the Political Game are still getting mentioned in the press.

I also want to

kick him in the shins.

Walt Minnick and Cableone ... just a small little pop in the nose perhaps.

If You Can Figure Out How . . .

. . . to get Minnick to listen to ANYTHING, you'll be my hero :-) It's fascinating to me that when I -- about as blue as they come -- wanted to discuss health care reform, I had no trouble getting "face time" with Crapo & Risch (LOL -- not that it did any good), but Minnick couldn't be bothered.

Has anyone seen it running...

... on local Treasure Valley or North Idaho TV yet? As a denizen of CD2, I'll never see it play on any of the stations in my neck of the woods (thank heavens for small favors).

I graze in the tubes man.

If it ain't on Netflix, at the library, or on NPR I donna get it.

I rarely willingly attach myself to the Borg.

I'll wager Walt withdraws it by the end of the weekend depending on the buy.


I'm in the 1st CD and I've seen the ad twice--MSNBC & ESPN. Western Idaho, though, not northern.

Up North....

I've seen it once on a late evening news show, not sure what channel,I have satellite. Just saw his original ad air on a college football game.


I didn't see it run...

... during the Boise State/Wyoming game, which kind of surprised me. I know it's got to be damned expensive, but Minnick's campaign has the money to spare, and viewership would be huge. Or, I could have missed it during a break -- dunno.

Yuppers in N Idaho

I've seen it several times in N Idaho starting on Friday, I think. Most recently at 11:27 tonight on KHQ.

What I find amusing

is that outrage on the left will be a might confusing to the dogs. They won't know what the big deal is.

They don't get it...

I had a polite discussion with a few tea baggers during a 2nd Amendment protest in CdA and not one of them brought up this topic.


As I recall

they were blasting Minnick for wanting to take their guns away using a dated report from the NRA giving him a D rating (when Minnick was answering questions without the benefit of polling). And they completely failed to even contact the NRA who loves Walt. Bizarre.

The point of my comment was how oblivious tea baggers are to racism and comments that cause offense. Some of their best friends are Messicans you know. They will, and have, labeled this ad as fair game. What is fascinating is how Labrador is responding to it. He has to thread the needle.


I moseyed on down to the Hyde Park Street Fair to take a pulse. For those of you outside the great state of Ada, Hyde Park is an historical 'commercial' neighborhood and is the cultural center of Boise's north end, a region of Idaho I tout as Idaho's liberal ghetto. The Fair is as close as Idaho gets to a counter culture get together with lots o'music and fair trinkets provided with the Haight Ashbury spirit of love and peace for all.

Prominently, if not out of place, was a Democratic booth featuring big fat signs for people I've never heard of. (Needless to say, Republicans had no booth) Of course many of these folks were brave legislative candidates maneuvering into purple districts(more on those later) which desperately need exposure. Allred and Stan Olsen had significant, if not muted, presence, in the signage display. But Minnick was no where to be seen.

After musing on this spectacle awhile I approached the booth tenders. I remarked on the lack of Minnick presence, and they, somewhat eagerly, pulled out some of his campaign literature, BURIED behind some other candidate's literature. I again remarked on this teeny offering and they defensively remarked that they weren't positioned in Minnick's district. (Being the liberal ghetto, Republicans diluted this bloc by gerrymandering the north end into District 2 represented by Republican Mike Simpson) I then confirmed my suspicions that this booth was manned by Ada County Democrats. A significant portion of Ada County is definitely in Minnick's district, which couldn't be a mile from where I was having this conversation.

I also inquired regarding the new ad and these folks were unaware of it or its connotations. Their minds seemed to be made up on Walt. And from Walt's actions, he doesn't seem to interested in carrying on the relationship with them in any event. Seems a divorce is in the making.

Heh, indeed.

That must have been an awkward conversation, on at least one side of the booth. :)


So you've met the Ada County Democrats? We Love Chryssa. She makes them quite presentable. We will not rest until there's a co-op in strip malls everywhere.

Now for bat shit crazy, one must get to know Ada County Republicans. One called me the other day looking to sue the mayor for having his thug booted nazis enforcing laws and shit. The Ada County Commissioners have decided to deep six years of work on a drug treatment center because of their deep desire to keep taxing Boise residents twice for the same services.

I live there, so please ...

for the love of god stop referring to my neighborhood as a "liberal ghetto." I got enough problems.


Howzabout "concentration" then?

You're correct that the word carries connotations some of which were not intended. I decided to use the word in this context upon reflecting how society engineered teh gay into communities where they felt comfortable and welcome. Its similar for a progressive in Idaho.

HA_HA_HA, Silly Idaho Democrats, Minnick's an IACI good ole boy!

"But he votes the way we like it"... Sure he does, so does every other corporate chameleon. "And he loves wine, cheese, and bagels...and runs & stays fit, etc....he's just sooooo erudite".

Of course it's a reprehensible ad, but gimmme a break! Corporate-clone Minnick's so into the IACI agenda, they might as well be joined at the hip. Get real people.

Thanks Tom

1) gratuitous fingerpointing--check

2) pointless negative stereotyping--check

3) ridiculous comparison unconnected to anything--check

4) meaningful contribution?

And ...

5) 567th suggestion that Idaho Democrats are morons -- check

6) unwarranted smug, self-congratulatory attitude -- check

Tom hates it here in Idaho cuz we're all such morons, that's why he keeps reading this blog. Get it people?

Tom's Slacking

He also totally forgot about the "some big Idaho company is going to fail; I know this because of the conversation I had with the voices in my head" part.

"When all else fails, revel in the absurdity of it all"

This is a Republican Ad

I've been in county Democrat meetings (will not name the county) where the tack in this last year has been that if the Democrats don't adopt the Republican dirty tricks tactics including last minute sleazy phone auto-dialer messages, they will lose the local races.

And the Republicans, who had NO qualms about dirty campaigns, will win again.

So the quandary becomes, do we win at any cost? Or do we keep losing and have NO influence, because we want to retain our dignity?

Democrats DON'T racebait...and neither do we win. But hey, we can sleep easily at night knowing we stayed on the high least until the jackbooted stormtroopers who work for those WHO ARE CURRENTLY WINNING come after us.

You can make fun of the "he's our Democrat" contingent all you want, but the Republicans count on us being too high-minded and honest to do what it takes to win. And then they sneer at us for being weak, intellectual elitist LOSERS.

...searching for the truth...

I feel what you are saying

And it would make sense if Minnick was in danger of losing the race. But he's not.

I'm usually high-minded... the push to adopt Republican tactics doesn't sit well with me. And yet my Democratic candidates lose, year after year, when taking the high road.

So I'm curious...ReggieH...are you suggesting that it would be okay to do teh dirty if needed, in order to win? It seems that way, and that you think it's NOT okay in this situation only because he probably doesn't need to go low in order to win.

I guess I prefer consistency. But as I pointed out, my high-road brothers and sisters always lose their races even as they maintain their dignity.

That's dignity with a capital "L" and not a "W" in the results column.

...searching for the truth...

The value of negative ads

is being discussed on Richert's blog blog on the Idaho Statesman right now. Might be interesting, if the conversation doesn't get hijacked by the usual idiots.

It's relative.

I've never been against negative campaign ads. What I am against is race-baiting. And, if the race were close, a stronger argument could be made for the potential necessity of such an ad. I say that as a pragmatist. In this situation, the race is not close. Therefore, there is not even a *somewhat* strong argument to be made in favor of the race-baiting ad.

How Funny...

I'm being chided by the goldurn quote engine! I signed out and this was the quote that popped up...

"Anger, fear, aggression... The dark side of the Force are they. Easily they flow, quick to join you in a fight. If once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will... Quicker, easier, more seductive. To weakness it appeals. But yours must be the strength that does not flow from rage."

Funny, this could apply to the Democrats. We must have "the strength that does not flow from rage".

So honestly, that nasty Republican-minded ad should be pulled...but it's the one with potential to get the rightwing, otherwise unwanted votes.

...searching for the truth...

hey-this is Idaho, remember

I never take it as granted that ANY Democrat will win a particular race. Compared to the Repubs, the Idaho Democratic Party has had very few winners with any measure of predictability that they will win... the only one that comes to mind in recent history is Cecil Andrus.

I thought the ad was nasty. But it certainly plays to the far-right undecideds up in the 1st, couched in the language and topic they most respond to.

Cheap shot? Damn right it is. But at the same time, the mean-spirited part of my soul enjoyed seeing Walt's Democratic thumb poked in the Tea Party's eye. So far, all the invective has been bagger territory, and the ad was something they can't easily counter or work around.

It is also a dangerous tactic for Walt. This is exactly the kind of motivator that could haul in some substantial righteous indignation money for Labrador. I hope Minnick plans on spending down his war chest if it backfires.

The new poll valdiates it somewhat

And as expected, the dogs have no clue what we're on about.


Nothing validates stooping to the level the Minnick campaign did with the ad.


purports to have a story up on this. But no substance, no links and it piddles away into a dispute the campaign is having with conservative shock jocks on KIDO. Its quite bizarre and makes no sense.

The story ends up being just what Walt wants, he's being assailed from both sides. So he must be doing something right correct. Oh and he's the victim.

It's Not Just DINOs Doing This

I think the world of Alan Grayson. But his ad is culture-baiting, too. He insists that's how to win. Check it out:

Alan Grayson ad

Is this what Democrats have to become accustomed to do, to win their elections?

...searching for the truth...