MI-07: GOP candidate: Tea Party is first people-powered movement in history

Former Congressman Tim Walberg is in the midst of an expensive and competitive primary in Michigan's 7th district, as he tries to reclaim the seat he lost to Democrat Mark Schauer in 2008.

Clearly, if one thing has been made clear this electoral cycle, Republican candidates are required to exercise proper fealty to the teabagger movement,

writes Steve Singiser on Daily Kos.

"But even pandering and kowtowing should be constrained by some semblance of...well...sanity," the blogger continued.

Consider that in trying to endear himself to the teabagger crowd, Walberg made the following observation:

"With the 9/12 movement, the Tea Party, people are standing up really for the first time in history," Walberg declared.

Have fun with this one ...




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In other times

I would laugh. Now, I just watch in gob-smacked awe as a once solid and respectable American political party descends into collective insanity.

Until this year, it was beyond my faintest perception that Idaho would be leading this charge. The guns of the upcoming election are straight ahead, waiting to mow them all down in the fields of fire.