Republicans Need RNC Help to Defeat Minnick

The Republican National Committee hired two staffers to work full time with the sole purpose of defeating Minnick. Funding congressional campaigns usually falls to the National Republican Congressional Committee which gave Labrador's opponent, Vaughn Ward, special status and access to resources during the primary. Indeed the NRCC funded this completely false ad in an effort to demonize Minnick.

The NRC has been plagued by funding woes and scandal under the helm of Michael Steele, the Republican's answer to Obama, and good friends of Idaho Republican head Pee Wee Herman Norm Semanko who asked for this assistance personally. Contrary to the conventional wisdom in the traditional media on a Republican wave sweeping the country this November this tactical move by national Republicans demonstrates significant weakness when they have to devote resources to defeating a Democrat in a district McCain carried by twenty points. This gives Democrats in swing districts a fighting chance.

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I wonder

how the big contributors will feel about getting hit up again after the Ward fiasco. Folks generally don't throw good money after bad in my experience, and it may prove hard to generate the financing for Labrador.
For sure, it's a sign of Republican desperation to me.