Ada County Dems to Needle Sarah's Bubble

Embargo ON!

Vaughn Ward spokesman Mike

Tracy said that Palin’s itinerary is too full to take time for reporters. ”Unfortunately we don’t have time for that,” said Tracy. Palin’s visit will feature three events: a photo opportunity, which costs $1,000 per person, a VIP reception with Palin, $250 a person, and a rally in the Qwest Arena, which costs those 18 and older $10 per person. The photo opportunity and the reception will be held in SportsZone, which is near the arena.

Not to be ignored, the Ada County Democrats will honor the event with their "I didn't vote for Sarah Palin either" fundraiser.

Palin opponents will meet at The Fixx Coffee House,244 N. 10th St., Boise. Doors open at 5 p.m. Friday and look-alike and sound-alike contests beginning at 5:45 p.m.

The "I didn't vote for Sarah Palin, either" Facebook page was founded by Ada County Democrats and had more than 300 friends Thursday morning.

There's a lookalike and soundalike contest. Bring yer chalkboard and sharpen your fingernails. Sounds like fun and ya'll need to help me out. I've always had a thing for librarian types till Sarah ruined it for me. I need redemption.

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This cash cow needs some milking

I want to see the photo gallery of the putzen who are willing to pay $1,000 to have their picture taken with Barbie.

I'll be down

I'm curious as well. Its on the way and I have the time.

I'm thinking it might be disappointing. But I doubt it. No matter what, I can see the sheep to the slaughter. For tax averse fiscal conservatives so tight their ass can squeak out the Star Spangled Banner, its amazing what they'll drop a dime on.

The comparison to Obama's visit is as stark as it is inevitable. There will be no early morning treks by thousands through the snow. He eagerly courted the press and stood the SS down when the facility that held 14,000 overflowed. But I've seen who shows for big money events by Rs.