GI Joe Invades Puerto Rico

Only to find we already own it. Here is a video excerpt of a debate exchange between Vaughn Ward and Raul Labrador answering a question on whether they support statehood for Puerto Rico.

Labrador was born in Puerto Rico. The question was likely planted by Ward supporters hoping to emphasize Labrador's "he ain't from 'roun here" status to the rednecks in attendance, a safe assumption in an Idaho Republican primary debate. The tactic was hardly necessary since Labrador has a noticeable accent, "not that there's anything wrong with that." ;-) But with so many of 'em all fired up on immigration, Ward figures this might be a wedge for him.

Labrador pounced on Ward's reference to Puerto Rico as a 'country' noting that its a territory of the United States. At Huckleberries Online, this question spawned a little semantic debate on the subject causing an apparent Ward minion named cranberryliz to make a somewhat persuasive argument for Puerto Rico's status as a country. All of which is quite interesting but ultimately a red herring to the underlying question of whether Ward fucked up made a mistake...again.

Thereafter the above video hit the tubes answering the question. Clearly Ward is unaware of Puerto Rico's status as a U.S. Territory. He repeatedly channels the McCain campaign in telling his audience that he will focus on dealing with "America First", "putting Americans back to work" before making America larger. And upon challenging liz on her guy's now apparent misunderstanding she evaporates from the discussion. The HBO crowd found it significant that Ward was a dipshit oblivious to Puerto Rico's status. Now the question is whether Labrador can convince the voters in an Idaho Republican primary that this knowledge might be important for a congressman. Since your average Republican likely agreed wholesale with Ward's characterization, and thinks Hawai'i is 'ferin', its a dubious prospect.

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