More serious evidence the GOP is in systemic decline & demise

From the Washington Post:
[so what they lean liberal?, their facts are consistent].

Outside of Idaho, where Dems can really smell blood (& take action), it would not surprise to have it unfold like this: as the economy gets better, the GOP, who has this secular narcissitic narriative floating around their brains that they're on track to win back Congress, suddenly realizes about Halloween---that ain't gonna happen.

If you think they're crazy now, just wait until then. Of course, none of this applies to Idaho, not yet anyway.

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working link for ya

GOP's Utah and Maine conventions show a party coming unglued, May 16 story by Dana Milbank.

"Future historians tracing the crackup of the Republican Party may well look to May 8, 2010, as an inflection point...."


To both of you. I've fixed TomP's link a bit, but your money-quote resonates for me, TvA. For the last week, I've been thinking that we ought to be nudging our national blogger friends and contacts to start framing their articles around this quote and watching for counter-examples.

Unintentionally funny on a second level.

Erm, Dana Milbank might need to clarify this one:

I was pondering this mystery while on the elliptical machine this week and watching Glenn Beck (I find he increases my heart rate)

That brought to mind when Chris Matthews drooled about President Bush wearing a flight suit.

When driving late, nothing keeps me awake like Dr. Laura and her ilk. I'm not sure Beck'd work, since he always seem so far detached from reality that he personally doesn't offend me. It'd be like getting pissed about Andrew Dice Clay or misinterpreting Stephen Colbert as reality. What appalls me is that Beck's audience even exists.

More magic Kool-aid from Gingrich, re: GOP prospects

I've Been Told...

...The Revolution is coming, and it ain't gonna be pretty. If them Teabaggers don't get their way at the ballot box, or seriously think they won't, I'm fearin' for my own neck, as I'm not as anonymous as I'd like to think...