Hoffman's weaseling...

Trout gotta fly, osprey gotta swim, and Wayne Hoffman's gotta weasel.

Mister 'My donors are too fragile to be named!' has grabbed ISJ's reporting on a closed ISU parking board meeting. Hoffman's presented an open-meetings complaint. Alas, his legal research leaves a bit to be desired. Hoffman's botched the section of statute he was quoting (section 67-2345(5) in the Idaho Code doesn't exist).

As for the handwavy view that a parking committee is subject to open meetings laws because they make policy decisions depended upon by a public agency, Doesn't that sound a lot like the Idaho Republican Caucus' method of legislative decisions?

I mean, if we're going after public policy planning that blatantly violates the spirit and intent of Idaho's public meeting law, let's go after the big dawg, Wayne. Or are you just going to sit there piddlin' on the porch?

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Swooping In

Perhaps Hoffman should slow down and get the whole story before swooping in and blaming the Parking Board who in actuality have their hands tied by the Administration.