Another Idaho Wingnut Makes the National Stage


Perennial SW Idaho candidate, Harley Brown, has a website which caught the attention of one of my favorite internet sites, Wonkette, which specializes in political snark. Needless to say Wonkette had a field day with Larry "super tuber" Craig. Right now Idaho provides a target rich environment for lampooning with the onset of the Republican primary season and each candidate trying to secure Idaho's prodigious wingnut vote. Harley Brown, this time a candidate for Idaho's first congressional district, does not disappoint starting with his slogan: "Nuke Their Ass and Take Their Gas". It goes down hill from there.

He loves guns.

Gun control is hitting your target

If the government wants to take my guns, they can have the bullets first.

Proud LIFE member of the NRA

He hates teh Gay

Keep the Queens out of the Marines

And he really really hates the government.

I believe that well over 90% of what the Feds do today is unconstitutional and should be eliminated by We the People. The sooner the better!

I declare the US Tax code should be scuttled and declared unconstitutional on the legal grounds of being Void for Vagueness.

And he loves God

I was also a Taxicab driver and evangelist in Boise, ID where I led approximately 1,000 lost souls to the Lord Jesus Christ: Drunks and Winos, Hookers and Strippers, Bums, and Homeless; Hippies and Rainbow people, Bikers, and Villains, Truckers and Construction workers, Businessmen and Proletarians, psychos and weirdo's, homos and lesbians; even some people who looked normal and smelled nice.

I considered myself the “intake manifold to the Kingdom of God”

And he hates liberals

Now that I am retired I have an intense burning desire to destroy all the works of those Progressive Liberal Politicians in Washington D.C. whom I brand as vile domestic enemies to the country and Constitution we’re SWORN TO DEFEND.

He has a whole page devoted to the wingnut panacea that is birtherism. However, like most of the mentally ill, Harley is not without his moments of clarity: "Congress needs someone crazy like me to combat their insanity." Look for Harley to get noticed by Colbert, Stewart and/or Maher in the near future to be ensconced in the Idaho Hall of Shame. Look for all other candidates, in both parties, to attempt to outdo him.

Update 4/21 TPM picked him up, which Popkey wrote about here. At this rate he should be on Letterman by next week.

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When does it stop?!

I'm gonna get an ulcer here in the the heart of FOXAmerica! Gem state Rethuglican idiocy making me more and more liberal every day! I can't GET any farther left. And this Allred character scares me too. I'm thinking he's another DINO like Walt. Another practical joke played on the Gem State Dems. I don't wanna get burnt again like I was burnt when I voted for Walt. I'm thinking he's "ALL RED"!

Harley Brown on YouTube last night

Welcome, Kossacks:

Be sure to check out last night's video of Harley at his crazy best:

Yup, we're domestic terrorists. And he's cuckoo for cocoapuffs. Sadly, for the out-of-staters visitin' thanks to Meteor's link, Harley isn't much crazier than the usual 1st district congresscritter. Helen Chenoweth, Bill Sali, Steve Symms... the 1st tends to generate some truly remarkable crazy.

With a bark on

The crowd is chuckling along at his clown act, and then when he gets to how all the politicians in D.C. are DOMESTIC ENEMIES, the crowd gives a hear, hear and a round of applause.

So why doesn't this man have the Tea Party endorsement? Instead they gave it to that flaming liberal, Walt Minnick?! So confusing.

I'm glad that was what you heard

I made an effort at transcription in my last post and that's what I heard as well. I'm not too familiar with that idiom but it seems the most plausible.

So which is worse?

I want someone else to volunteer to test his bark v. bite, though. I'm not that curious.

Judging by his

showing in prior elections, I'm thinking I know the answer.