This will not be a Pretty War

No, not Afghanistan, or climate change deniers v. scientists, or tea baggers v. reality. Its the putrid music video war between thers from Atrios' Eschaton v. tintin from Sadly, No!.

I can't tell who fired the first shot but the carnage is heavy. I was likely victimized by this weapon in my youth, and this baby says Merry Christmas in all the wrong ways.

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So why vitimize the rest of us?

I've always been a big fan of Rare Earth even paying the big bucks to go see them live in the echo chamber at the Western Idaho State fair grounds, but you have forever mucked up the good memories with your posting of that disco video.

I hope you convert to a die hard Idaho Republican right winger and run for the 1st congressional seat so I can vote against you, you sophomoric music bashing, people thrashing, intolerant, anti Christmas s.o.b.


"So why victimize the rest of us?" Made me larf.

Those videos ... not so much. They hurt me.

I like

a girl that larfs at my lame jokes

Its like a train wreck

I can't look away. And I wanna see what depravity ensues. I'm quite impressed by the array of weaponry. Betcha Serephin could engage and hold his own.

I'd like to know

why you looked at all. Don't you have work to do? Aren't there children starving in China? Something like that ...

Its a puzzle

wrapped in a conundrum surrounded by enigma.

And doused in vodka?

Or possibly gin.


more likely