Election results around the state?

Idaho Falls has 2 contested races we're watching closely: Ida Hardcastle and Karen Cornwell were both challenged by candidates about as retrograde as Lerch Loertscher and No-no-nononi. These morons attacked because of city-passed childcare standards (after the (R)-dominated state legislature said it was up to local gov'ts to do so), and because our city actually has built up savings enough to pay cash for things like fire engines and road projects, rather than running levys and property tax increases.

Yes, the hyper-conservatives (headed by Pugsley AdamsLarry Lyon) attacked them for being fiscally conservative and not running a deficit. Wrap your brain around THAT one. At less than half the precincts counted, Hardcastle (67%) and Cornwell (55%) are winning, but I'm not getting my hopes up.

In Boise, I've of course heard of TJ's race (who hasn't). Digging for that data now...

In Pocatello, Mayor Chase had a race that was heating up. His opponent is a nice enough guy, and on my cynical days I might even conceed that blowing insulation is remarkably similar to politics. But Chase is to Pocatello what Bieter has been to Boise - a progressive wonk's dream: good for business, better for quality of life issues.

What's anyone hearing?

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Links found

Here are:


The early #'s are absentee ballots.

IF: Cornwell squeaks out a win.

It appears 100% counted in Idaho Falls. Fuhrmann, Hardcastle and Cornwell all win, and turnout was near 30%.

Bittersweet, since Bannock still says Roger Chase lost down in Pocatello. During his tenure, I've gotten to like and appreciate Mayor Chase -- he's been a pro-business pro-quality of life progressive.

Semanko at 20-some percent

Note to self: don't drink the water in Eagle.

Note to Idaho: Norm Semanko just squeaked out a 20-some percent win in a 5-way race, so Toolbench Semanko is finally free of the label 'never won an election.' More's the pity. Then again, maybe it'll help him make his mortgage payments. Wasn't he a bit behind at one point recently?!

Kennedy wins by 5 votes in CdA

Unofficial results from Coeur d'Alene say Mike won by 5. Whew!


Kennedy got lucky, well,

Kennedy got lucky, well, depends on the recount. I just hope his permissive attitude about pit bulls doesn't cost him his seat.


Holy smokes, what happened?!

I dunno

I didn't even know there was a race in Poky. That result is a shocker since he was well liked in both parties. Kennedy's race surprised many. That recount will focus attention up there in what became a highly partisan nasty race.

Close for Cornwell

Karen Cornwell won by 550 votes, the closest by far of the 3 races.

Barbara Ehardt, her opponent, ran a clean campaign, but Ehardt shot herself in the foot from the first by criticizing the recently passed Day Care Provider law, which requires background checks, fire dept. and health dept. inspections. Ehardt thought this law was a business killer, but that didn't do well for her. In the last week before the election, she modified her position, claiming that a mom watching one child after school should be exempt. It was a good point, but not enough and too late.

Cornwell spent a fraction of the money Ehardt spent. Ehardt put the elephant on her signs, but never formally accepted the Repub Central Committee's approval. She is, I believe a member of the CC.

Alex Creek, another member of the CC, lost big to incumbent Ida Hardcastle, re-elected to a 5th term. Creek and Ehardt gained a little traction late in the race due to the city's purchase of some downtown property adjoining the City Annex, which now makes an entire block city owned. This property was bought at the seller's asking price, which many here thought to be over priced.

But Creek looks like Jabba the Hut, and had no proposals as to how he was going to cut costs... he was incoherent with his criticism of Idaho Falls' current funds surplus, which has been banked back for rainy day uses. Creek also tried to criticize the local major overhaul of a very congested traffic artery. The I.F. Council & Mayor jumped on it this year after learning how cheap it would be in this downturn.

More than anything, this is a blow to the local Repub leadership. They failed on all fronts. Cornwell was a first-termer seeking re-election, so she was most vulnerable, but her long civic activism made her very well known. Obviously, the folks in I.F. like their city elections to be non-partisan.

Fhuriman, our Mayor, was opposed, but his opponent spent no money and never did any campaigning to speak of. Fhuriman won by 86%, and he made more mistakes during his first term than either Council Person.

Larry 'Moonbat' Lyon weighed in loudly and often in the last weeks. He had 3 Opinion pieces in the paper, and posted on Idaho Falls Today, the leading local topic forum. His interjection must have hurt the Repubs, as he's still very unpopular around town for his hi-jinks while serving one term on the Council. Getting his support amounts to drinking strychnine for the candidates.

go man go

Your reports have been a life line to IF where all is dark. What a great Idaho anecdote for another teabagging failure. Could it be Glenn Beck might not be the force he thinks he is even among the brethren?


Thank you.