Gay’s Boycott McCall Idaho Whitetail Resort

Doug Manchester

We may be a long way from same-sex marriage here in Idaho but there is something we can to help our brethren in California, boycott the McCall, Idaho Whitetail Club & Resort.

Resort owner, Doug Manchester (above) contributed $125,000 to the campaign to ban marriage equality in California.

Money collected, from Manchester and others across the country supported the effort by opponents of marriage equality to get Proposition 8 on the November ballot. If passed, the California State Constitution will be amended to prohibit same-sex marriage, a right granted just last month by the California State Supreme Court.

The first ballot initiative effort failed in 2006. This time Prop 8 will be on the ballot because of an increase in funding from people like Manchester.

Fred Karger of Californians Against Hate has been organizing a boycott against all Manchester owned hotels. Karger says on the group's website,, "If you believe in equality, it's time to fight back."

Thursday Manchester told the New York Times "This really is a free-speech, First Amendment issue. While I respect everyone's choice of partner, my Catholic faith and longtime affiliation with the Catholic Church leads me to believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman."

This is not a freedom of speech issue; it is a propaganda attempt to hide a religious extremist political agenda by an obscenely wealthy far right Christian.

Free Speech?! Go to the ACLU Manchester!

If religious beliefs were the ultimate standard for determining law in this country women would still be the property of their husbands, not be allowed to own property or vote.

Manchester, and others like him, has the right to support whatever issue they choose, just as we do. urges all readers and supporters to exercise that same right and join with Fred Karger and the Californians against Hate in boycotting all Manchester owned hotels and resorts. Let Manchester respectfully know you are boycotting his businesses and why.

Boycott Whitetail Resort McCall Idaho

Two other Manchester owned resorts, also being boycotted, are the Grand del Mar and Grand Hyatt, both in San Diego.

Email Manchester:
Or call the resort and Manchester's business headquarters:

Whitetail Club & Resort
501 West Lake Street
McCall, Idaho 83638

Manchester Financial Group, Inc.
One Market Place
Thirty-Third Floor
San Diego, CA 92101-7714

Originally posted on July 19th, 2008 by Jody May-Chang

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What a tool

First Amendment issue my ass. If we put his quote in the bullshit cleanser it comes out something like: "This is an issue of faith for me and I'll use every cent I have to impose my religious views upon everyone through government even if it means denegrating the constitution, individual freedom, and equal protection under the law. The law is only for normal people, like me".

As I've said before the first amendment does not insulate you from being an asshole.

Apparently there's nothing ...

... that insulates this guy from being an asshole. Ever heard the ugly stories about this guy's behavior regarding "moral" issues in McCall? Yet another example of someone who doesn't even try to live up to the moral standards he wants to impose on all the rest of us. (If the stories are true, and based on the sources I'm inclined to believe they are.)

Spill the Beans, Sister

You'd better start with the stories, I love stories :)


Well he may have his right to "free speech" but that doesn't mean he gets to avoid the repercussions of that free speech. I won't be visiting his fine establishment, not that I could afford it anyway.