Sali's Crack Staff Strikes Again

I'm surprised no one has written about this yet.

Evidently Bill Sali's campaign has yet to file their quarterly FEC report. They're now over a week late on that (it was due 15 July). According to Sali's spokesman Wayne Hoffman, this is due to "technical glitches."

As treasurer for Debbie Holmes' campaign in the 2nd CD - which is subject to the exact same reporting requirements as Sali's camp - I find that explaination quite dubious.

For those of you unfamiliar with the process, the FEC issues software called FECFile to the various campaigns. It's not exactly the most user-friendly program I've used, but it gets the job done.

The FEC did release a new version of FECFile in June and specifically said that it would reject reports sent in the previous version from that point forward. How do I know? I got the e-mail on it back on 6 June (still have it if you want to see it), downloaded the new version, and submitted Debbie's quarterly report without any problems whatsoever on 2 July. We were the first Idaho congressional campaign to do so, actually.

The point is if Sali's campaign was paying any attention at all, they would have noticed and corrected this issue weeks ago as we did. Sounds to me the only "glitch" Sali's campaign has is the ever-popular "PBCAC" error, "Problem Between Computer and Chair."

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Stuck keys

After browsing so much porn for "research", Sali's crack tech team couldn't get the Enter key unstuck in time.


at the Unequivocal Notion posted on it and gave the appropriate shout out to Wayne Hoffman.

Chris is

kicking some ass over there at Unequivocal Notion! Over 125 comments on the OC foolishness. And he has good taste in music. My new favorite local blog. Besides this one.

Ah, so he did

And he links to Anthony Bourdain too. Great stuff.

Music, food, politics, the works!

It is a great blog full of life's finest things, and it's big fun to see him getting some mojo.

Sali's merry band of morons

I know I've been slacking lately, but we have a good thread going on this at RSR today, too, albeit in the comments of my Tuesday-night post. And Kevin Richert just picked up on Chris' "Hoffman is an idiot" post, which will give it some legs it deserves as well. I hope people (that is, voters) start picking up on the Sali camp's perennial "blame the gummint" meme, though. First the ATF, now the FEC ... we're inept, but it's all the government's fault.

Of course, Hoffman and Sali are neither morons or idiots: just evil fringe-dwelling Republicans who ought not be allowed anywhere near the halls of government, since they hate it so much. BB may be correct with his theory on why they couldn't file in time, though.

Duane Rasmussen

Don't forget to include Duane Rasmussen in your threads, the man is dumber than Adam. I never knew that there are so many people that Adam is smarter than, but the more Republicans I read about, the more I'm thinking he is at the top of that group.

It's summer ...

... time to slack a bit I'd say. There will be plenty to blog on come fall.

I don't know much about Hoffman, but I think I have to disagree with you on Sali. If he's not an idiot, he's certainly teetering on the brink of the idiot pool. Definitely not a smart man.

“brain fade” is how Sali himself describes it

Sali is definitely not an idiot, just impaired but he still voted against funding the Special Olympics Games in Idaho. Now isn't that special?