Social Conservatives Must Pay to Play

Its with no small amount of irony that I laugh at Brandi Swindell and the Village Idiot this morning. It would appear that they must personally pay the piper with regard to their frivilous lawsuit filed in federal court against the City of Boise. These litigious individuals seek every opportunity to grab headlines even to the point of filing lawsuits with no hope of achieving their goals. Then government is obligated to defend costing all of us a lot of tax dollars just so these self aggrandizing opportunistic weasels can advance their political agenda. Then they criticize the Court's ruling as opposing the will of the people and the court itself for being activist and acting "above the law". They undermine the third branch of government failing to note its proper role in our system of checks and balances. So now I really find it quite humorous that they act surprised that the Court ruled against them, that the court awarded fees to the City for their frivilous lawsuit, and that the city now seeks to recover that taxpayer money. You didn't think all that publicity was for free did you? They're beggin' for folks to bail them out. I think its a good lesson in personal responsibility for them to pay it out of their own pockets.

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"The city has made no effort to contact us for these last 4 ½ years about this matter, and the very first communication we had from them on the subject came in the June 23 letter, in which we were informed that city leaders were dropping the hammer on us."-- Did you contact them Bryan? I thought not. You knew about the judgement right? You could've saved up that money in all the time you've had, deadbeat.

I wish they had to

personally pay for the $400,000 they cost the state for the unconstitutional anti-choice legislation they convinced Idaho to pass.


I want the original document for the decision where it was determined that these nutjobs must pay for the costs of their frivolous lawsuit. Can you find that, Sisyphus? I've googled a bit, but nothing came up.

If they've known about the $11k they owed the city since then, then thats a great point to use against them.

I know

some people who know some people. I'll inquire.

Interesting argument on their part

I find two of their arguments very interesting:
First, that they are both 'employees' of non-profits and earn very little and, second, that the city, with all of its money, should forgive them their debt.

First, they are basically both self-employed as professional gadfly wingnuts. Fischer works for the IVA, which he set up to pay himself to promote himself as a self-appointed community scold. Same for Swindell with Generation Life.

They are low paid because they have very little community support as measured by the lack of donations to their organizations. Recall Fischer's appeal last year for emergency cash or he'd have to fold the organization.

Their lack of community support regarding the Ten Commandments was demonstrated clearly when it was put on the ballot and a majority of Boise folks voted against them.

Their argument that they shouldn't have to pay because the community clearly doesn't support them is akin to the guy asking for mercy from the judge for murdering his parents on the grounds that he's now an orphan.

Second, I wonder if Fischer would be as willing to advocate the City's forgiving the debt if it was to another non-profit, say Planned Parenthood or the ACLU? I think not.

There is a stink of self-righteous hypocrisy here.

All excellent points

Don. Thanks

My Response To Fischer and Swindell's Plight:

[Nelson laugh]

"When all else fails, revel in the absurdity of it all"