Send A Message That Idaho Does Not Support Hate

The following is a more complete listing of the sponsors of the Zeb Bell radio show that was just last week promoting and spreading hate throughout our state:

- Red's Trading Post
215 Shoshone Street
Twin Falls, Idaho
(208) 733-3546

- Baker Boys (water softeners)
Burley, Idaho
(208) 678-9042

- Les Schwab
With the following locations in the Magic Valley:

Burley Tires West
2555 S. Overland
Burley, Idaho
(208) 678-4400

Rupert Magic Valley Tires
109 S 100 W Hwy 24
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-5600

Paul Magic Valley Tire
25 W Ellis
Paul, Idaho
(208) 438-8444

Twin Falls Les Schwab
421 Blue Lakes Blvd. N
Twin Falls, Idaho
(208) 734-7555

Twin Falls Les Schwab-North
389 Poleline Road
Twin Falls, Idaho
(208) 733-1211

Les Schwab Buhl
1241 Burley Ave.
Buhl, Idaho
(208) 543-4082

- Darwin Jensen (grass-fed beef)
(208) 677-4789

- Sherman Couch (well drilling)
(208) 678-2937

- Let's Ride
495 E. 5th North
Burley, Idaho
(208) 678-3858

- Vicki's Country Garden
Paul/Burley Highway
(208) 438-5663

- Mountain West Realty
658 Overland Ave.
Burley, Idaho
(208) 878-3500

- Ramsey Heating & Electric
2600 Overland Ave.
Burley, Idaho
(208) 678-0459

- JB's Restaurant
136 E. 5th North
Burley, Idaho
(208) 678-0803

- Kim Lee/Lee Family Broadcasting
120 S. 300 W.
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-4757

- Bookstore & Office Supply
Rupert Town Square
515 5th St.
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-5661

- The Book Plaza
220 W. 11th Street
Burley, Idaho
(208) 878-2505

- Western Waste Services
Magic Valley: (208) 734-6969
Mini-Cassia: (208) 654-9999

- Rusty Spur
1336 Albion Ave.
Burley, Idaho
(208) 878-SPUR

- A-Plus Design
700 S. Oneida
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-4153

- Wrangler Insurance
634 5th St.
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-9026

- Valley Wide Home & Ranch
910 Oneida
Rupert, Idaho
(208) 436-0141

Please contact these Idaho businesses and let them know that we do not support or tolerate hate speech here! A big thank you to the Idaho Division of Tourism, D.L. Evans Bank, and the Magic Valley Bank for pulling their advertisements and sending a message to Mr. Bell and KBAR!

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More chaos

going on in the Mini-Cassia area than just Mr. Bell, unfortunately.

Please see my latest post.

I embedded the link

for ya.

Much thanks

Way more than I am capable of

Well, ain't you sweet, Tara.

From news reports Mr. Bell is mad that no one wants to come on his call-in show so he can "face [read: ambush] his accusers". Mr. Bell, why don't you come on ovah hee-uh and we'll have us a good time. Ask the gate keeper for a pass. I'll try and get you in and we can have us a little chat. I noticed you haven't the courage to go to any other blog making accusations. Please also get the dog to regurgitate the tape he so conveniently ate. And your David Duke stooge Frosty can come out from under his rock as well.

I noticed Stormfront listens to your show. You must be so proud.


...Sisyphus, and the nice person who knows html and hooked up that link! ;)

Zeb Bell can be contacted directly

riiiight cheer! Tell him what you think. Be nice. He's got a link for direct email.