Debbie Holmes needs your help!

I'm in the midst of filing Debbie's first FEC report. We raised $200 $100 in the first quarter. While that's not too bad considering we only filed with the FEC on 24 March, we have a long way to go.

Mike Simpson's last FEC report showed him with around $107,000 on hand. He undoubtedly has more today. Meanwhile Debbie Holmes is a working mom taking on the monied Washington DC interests. Without grassroots efforts, this goes nowhere.

In her short time as a candidate Debbie has shown an interest in the netroots as strong as any Idaho Democrat to date. Please consider contributing to her campaign to help us send her to Washington. A link to her ActBlue Page ( ) is above.

W. Lane Startin, Treasurer
Committee to Elect Debbie Holmes
Idaho 2nd Congressional District

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Tax time

I'll get in a little later this quarter. Go Debbie!

Please do contribute contribute to Debbie's campaign...

So far, 50% of the contributions have come from her out of state (but blue) brother....

Of course, I do not expect my local races to be competitive....Mark Warner *should* win the Democratic Senate Seat, and the Dems should take the 11th congressional district of VA (our moderate republican stepped down; the last four statewide races, the 11th has gone 60% blue). So, we are +1 in the senate, and +1 in the house.

Contribute, and we could be be +2 in the house :)

(besides, I would get to see my sister more this way..I live in the DC suburbs...)