One day to go

There's some interesting filings coming out:

Rand Lewis, who recently bowed out of the 1st CD race and endorsed Larry Grant, has filed to run for state senate in north Idaho's District 2 against Joyce Broadsword. Lewis' entry is a nice surprise, as is the state senate candidacy of Dan Romero in Canyon County's District 13. I personally encouraged both to run.

District 23, which encompasses western Twin Falls County and all of Owyhee County, will be contested in all three races. Bill Chisholm will run for the senate seat, while Peter Rickards will run for house seat A. Both Chisholm and Rickards are known locally as environmental activists. Another veteran candidate, Mike Ihler, rounds out the District 23 slate.

Bannock County's Democratic chair, Allen Andersen has decided to take matters in his own hands and run against Bannock's lone Republican legislator, Ken Andrus, in a rematch of the 2006 contest in District 29. Andersen came within 500 votes last time.

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Other interesting races

Sheldon Vincenti, the former dean of the law school in Moscow, is running against Gary Schroeder in District 6.

In my District 19 in Boise, Nicole LeFavour, our current representative who is running to take Mike Burkett's Senate seat, will face Republican Lawrence Johnson. And Brian Cronin, the former Ada County Democratic chair who's running to take LeFavour's seat, also has a Republican opponent, Kevin McGowan. Anyone know anything about Lawrence Johnson or Kevin McGowan?

Democrat Sharon L. Fisher of Kuna is running for House in District 21. Is this the same Sharon Fisher who writes for New West?

Hey! Calvin Leman's running against JoAnn Wood in Salmon! Go Calvin!

One other

Sali's director of "economic development," Jay Larsen, is running against Ada County Commissioner Paul Woods for Woods' seat on the commission.

Yep on Sharon

Yeah, it is 'our' Sharon. Send checks to Uncle Shelby at box 5001, Union Station, Chicago IL...

Seriously, part two of this party resurgence effort needs to be backyard barbecues with tipjars and money going to small-race candidates. Serephin and I have a vaguely vaudeville act that can be hired out, if enough good wine is involved in the invite.

Oh, and we need to keep our expectations low and driving us to go the extra distance...


I know Kevin. He works for Thorton, Oliver and Keller Real Estate as a commercial broker. He went to the fancy schools back east (NYU, I think), and moved here a few years ago. I wasn't aware he was interested in politics, but I'm guessing he'll be very moderate. Nice guy. Considered by many of Boise's 20- and 30-something women to be a very, very eligible bachelor (if he managed to stay single, that is).

Still one big fish left to file

LaRocco. I eagerly await it.

I'm told we'll have a candidate against Sharon Block in District 24 (Twin Falls). I'll wait for the filing and then do a blog entry on that. Good stuff.

btw I was mistaken when I said there were 21 precinct chair candidates in Twin Falls County a few days ago. I got the list yesterday from the county clerk: there are 24, including 15 of the 20 Twin Falls city precincts.