2nd CD: We have a candidate!

Debbie Holmes announced her intention to run for Congress against Mike Simpson in the 2nd CD at Ahavath Beth Israel synagogue in Boise. A brief platform says, "Debbie Holmes for Congress...A Democrat for Idaho District #2. Mortgage relief for the people, not the banks...Education instead of incarceration....Bill of rights is not negotiable...Healthcare for all....Support our troops, not defense contractors."

You can check out the campaign at her Facebook group (Facebook login required).

If you want to collect signatures, download the form, get signatures and take it to your county clerk. The filing deadline is THIS FRIDAY, so time is of the essence.

Thank you, Debbie. We all breathe a sigh of relief tonight.

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I hate that you can't look at Facebook without being a member of Facebook!

You and me both.

Then again, I hate the NYT and the WSJ for it, etc ad infinitum.


I absolutely refuse to sign up for this thing they call Facebook! And myspace and that stupid-ass newspaper up north that will only let me read it if I go through *other* channels.

I'm confused...

Tara, don't I need a google account or some type of "open ID" account to post a comment on your blog? I've tried a few times but suffer from the same attitude you displayed above! "What? I need a Google account to post a comment?"

But then, I could be missing something obvious. I'm not a geek and therefore lack the necessary technological proficiency to understand the secret mechanics of blogging. :)


Yeah, Sisyphus mentioned this to me, too. I don't know about the mechanics, but I think you can comment on my blog with an open ID or google account. I have no idea, to be quite honest with you. I know that I don't accept anonymous comments, that's about the extent of my knowledge of the whole situation. I'll ask somebody in the know about these things to help me out so you can comment, shrew.

Meanwhile... YAAAAY!

Tickled pink that we've got a blue in the race for CD-2.

Pink plus blue... isn't that something like chartreuse or melon or fuschia. I'm a guy, our eyes don't see colors by any of those names.

Meanwhile, tell me more about today's favorite candidate du jour...

Yes, yay but

I wish I knew who she was!


hate to break it to you, but nobody sees colors by those names! It's now salmon and cranberry or some stupid thing like that.

ditto the shrew.

I spoke to Debbie tonight

She's a mother and a real estate agent in Boise who's running in opposition to the war in Iraq and in response to the Republican handling of the subprime credit crisis, specifically that we should be helping out homeowners instead of mortgage companies (no argument there).

I have agreed to lend my own expertise in federal level campaigns as campaign treasurer. We'll get her set up so you can contribute with comfort and ease. ;-)

You are to be commended

faustus, you did great on this recruitment. And thank you Debbie for your sacrifice in time and money to do this very important job.

Any relief to mortgage companies should have a prerequisite that their management disgorge all bonuses from the past five years before they see one dime of taxpayer money.

I didn't recruit her

I was just lucky enough to stumble across this before any of you guys.

You are helping

her though. And you are trying hard on recruitment. I'm glad to give you credit.

It's official

Debbie is on the ballot as of noon today.

I'm on this blog too

My account is now active here :)

Debbie Holmes
Candidate for Congress District 2

Welcome to the Mos Eisley of Democratic blogs

We're glad to have you!


Lane, what you did probably is more of a recruitment effort than the IDP seems to have undertaken this year...