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I'm attempting to consolidate supporter e-mails in one place, so I can consequently limit bold-faced campaigning to one place. No doubt that would be easier on everyone. I know some of you are already on this list, so I'll only post this once.

The plan is to dump the Yahoo group with something less intrusive once campaign finances warrant it. In the meantime, you can also sign up by going to my web site:

So, without further ado ... has invited you to join startin2010
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A personal invitation from


You have been invited to join the official (for now) newsletter group for Lane Startin for Idaho Governor 2010. Please contact me at if you have any questions.

Thank you for your consideration. We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging.


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Best choice

I applaud you for running for office, and for the chutzpah to go for the gold right out of the starting chute. I once even posted an encouragement to you to do so.

Nevertheless, I have reconsidered. This year is the best chance Dems have had in a long while to pick up seats in the legislature. I really encourage you to run for a legislative seat in your district rather than Governor.

3 chief reasons: 1) Don't waste this important opportunity to balance out the legislature. It might be years before conditions are so favorable. If you get elected, that will certainly help a shot at the Gov's office later. If you don't you will still gain recognition and bona fides for a later run. 2) Otter is almost certain to get re-elected. Wait until you aren't facing an incumbent. 3) If you run for legislature and lose, you can then announce for Gov., and have 2 years to prepare.


All Good Points ... However

Some things are more important than trends. To wit, I promised my wife some time ago that I wouldn't run in 2008 apart from my current precinct chair position in Twin Falls County.

So I'm sorry to say that regardless of the political climate I will not be a candidate in 2008, period. 2010 is my focus.

As I've said repeatedly, while the office of governor is the focal point of the exploratory effort now, that's not a for-sure thing. Not yet, anyway. While there will be several factors to consider, I will unequivocally state that if I fail to raise at least $100,000 by 15 July 2009, I'm out of that race and dropping down to something lower, perhaps another statewide office, perhaps Legislature (I live in in District 24 in case anyone is interested).

It's not exactly on Obama's level, but the race is generating some buzz, and I have already received contributions.

Otter will be a formidable opponent, but he's definitely not unbeatable. As long as the Democrats nominate a decent candidate with a clear sense of purpose, it'll be a winnable race.