Edwards calls it quits.

Rats & Damn.

I'm gonna get damned annoyed if the next six months' rhetoric are decidedly less progressive. I harbor few illusions about presidential power, but like any other CEO, the President does set the tempo and the theme.

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C'mon buddy

Embrace the change. Inject your voice. Keep it real. And remember Edwards is pleading that the remaining camps not lose the message. And he still has a major chit in the game.

So Edwards supporters ...

who now find themselves in Obama's camp w/ also find themselves in the nosebleed seats?! :)

Not me.

I'm going skiing.

Then again, I'm not necessarily in Obama's camp.


Ron Paul, here we come!


And you also ...

aren't necessarily in Boise either! So you got all the excuses you need d2.

Your Boise allotment

is all used up for awhile buddy. You go ahead and support Paul. But don't count Nader out since you're throwing votes away. You'll give all us ex-Edwards supporters a bad name, but at least it won't go to Billary.

Bush and bubbles...

By the way, since we're nowhere near the subject (unless we segue from 'relax'), how long has THIS oh-so-wrong variant of the falling-mannequin been around and why the hell didn't anyone tell me sooner? Someone linked to it from ThinkProgress's story on Bush's Bubble.

Surreal and compelling, like staring at a lava lamp.

And I'm the luddite

Dude that's been around since you were wondering about the viability of a Vermont Governor. When I'm particularly pissed I use my cursor to fling him around and into walls not solid enough. Needs sound effects.

What does that mean?

Is that akin to being the red-haired step-child?

My sister and her best friend, both of whom are Mormon btw, are really bummed. The remainder of the candidates running on either side don't appeal to them.

As I Suggested at RSR

If we as Idaho Democrats really want to make a statement, perhaps the Edwards people should continue to support him on the first ballot at the caucus, and if so inclined go to Obama only if and after Edwards doesn't make threshold.

Before this morning Obama and Edwards I think were 1-2 in Idaho. If that manages to hold despite Edwards' departure, it would really send a powerful message nationwide.