Richardson Out, Startin Endorses Obama

Over the past few months I've had the honor of serving as Idaho state grassroots coordinator for Gov. Bill Richardson's run for president, so it is with a bit of sadness that I note the end of his campaign. I think Gov. Richardson could have been very competitive in the Idaho caucus. I wish him all the best.

Of the remaining candidates, I believe Sen. Barack Obama now represents the best choice for America, the West, and Idaho. Today I offer my support and endorsement to Sen. Obama's campaign. I encourage Idaho Democrats who haven't already done so to rally around him and attend the 5 February caucus on his behalf. There's now nothing standing in the way of a particularly decisive victory for Obama in the Idaho caucus. Let's deliver it to him.

W. Lane Startin

Barack Obama national web site

Idaho for Obama

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Welcome, Lane

Although I've been an Obama backer all along, I was sad to see Richardson leave the race. He was especially good at the last debate. I know he will continue to serve our country in some way as he has these past decades.

That said, it's great that you are coming over to our side. With our lopsided one-party state government, Idahoans know better than most the power of bipartisanship. Obama has by far the best chance of the Democratic candidates for forging a national consensus for progress and a working majority in Congress for needed policy reform. He'll also have good coat-tails in Idaho!