Incompetent Larry Craig mistakes DOJ for judicial branch of US Government

In this episode of IOKIYAR, Lovely Larry Craig apparently thinks he and Alaska's Ted Stevens deserve better treatment than anyone else:

"I think some people say, 'Ah, but for the grace of God go I.' Especially when you have the allegations, you have the judicial segment of our government, the executive branch, out raiding the homes of senators, that is a very frightening proposition. It is a bit Gestapo-like in its style and tactics," Craig said on Wednesday. "When the FBI was offered a key and invited into the home, they chose publicize it to make sure the media was there first, and they broke in. That is gamesmanship. That makes senators very, very angry when they attempt to cooperate when for reason they are caught in these webs and yet they are denied that for the sake of the judiciary’s publicity. That is wrong.’

I agree, senator. How dare these FBI staffers neglect the Neocon Code of Reciprocal Forgiveness, or whatever it is called. How dare they follow the Rule of Law! It's downright... um... well, uh... American. Ted's sure to agree: it sucks to get hoisted by your own greedy petard.

As for Senator C's other complaints:


  2. Snark: A Republican complaining about Republican-controlled branches of government and their excesses.
  3. Usually, suspects aren't given a chance to dispose of evidence.
  4. The press gets invited to high-profile busts and arrests. Duh.
  5. Being visibly tough on crime isn't gamesmanship -- it's called deterrence.
  6. And what exactly does Larry plan to do now that he's 'very very angry' (Marvin the Martian).
  7. "You say Gestapo, I say Godwin, let's call this whole thing off!"

Meanwhile, since Popkey's fizzled, I'll just close with the hopes that we someday get to enjoy evening news footage of Idaho's politicians doing the frogmarch. Alaska's hoggin' the spotlight, dammit. And regardless, if we're all lucky, Larry'll soon be spared the indignity of expecting exceptional treatment and not getting it -- unemployment is JUST the ticket for realigning Craig's sense of perspective. Until then, Craig offers Idaho her best chance of hitting the corruption/scandal/hypocrisy trifecta.

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Huh ...

That "brainfade" thing must be contagious. Remind me to keep my distance from Sali on the campaign trail ...