Who owns this filibuster?

I'm relieved that the senate is pressing forward with war-related legislation, and retaking their rightful role as supervisors of America's fate. Congress is the decider in our Republic, not the president. But the headlines about DC share a few key words today: democrats, force, all night, filibuster.

I guess what I'm saying is: shouldn't they read: republicans, refuse, vote, support soldiers? Uh-oh, it's being said right now on NPR.

A filibuster isn't something you pencil in, oh wise Democrat leaders. You just squeeze the opposition. Without warning, force them into retaining the floor. Force the reactionaries to the spotlight. Get them ranting about Aunt Mabel's pie recipe. You don't announce it. Not for the next day or the next week. It becomes political theater again, and since it is 'planned' by Dems, I suspect this will get as much negativity towards us as them. You just *do* it. And while they're sweating on the floor, you step outside and say 'They won't let us bring this important issue to a vote. Hypocrisy? Well, I don't know if I'd call it that, but these are the people that coined the phrase "upperdown vote"."

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Gone are the days...

...of a Thurmond-esque filibuster.