Survey on feedback from Idaho politicians

I am interested if any of you have the same experience I do: Idaho politicians who simply ignore anything you send them. It could be a simple e-mail, a quick note, a lengthy thought-piece, get back---zip, zippo, nada, nothing---not even so much as an acknowledgment, a quick hand-note, an e-mail response, etc. good or bad.

This happens routinely to me & a small circle of associates statewide; and let me clarify---we're not constant communicators with these people. What's been your experience? Are they lazy or what? or just taking us for granted?

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On Feedback

It seems half my life is devoted to waiting for someone to get back to me before I have to get grumpy (and believe me, I can get grumpy). I have to say that my experiences with the state government in this regard are about the same as with the private sector.


They treat everything as spam, or they have idiot College Republican interns sifting through the emails and checking off boxes for each one.

Democrat: check
Ignore: check

Or maybe it's just one line.


Getting past interns in general is often a challenge.