Lane for Governor?

Who will be the Democratic nominee for Idaho governor in 2010? I've been giving that question some thought for the past few days. Jerry Brady has been an outstanding candidate for the past two elections, but I wonder if he'll be up to a third run in 2010.

Governor Otter has taken some good stances for Idaho, but I feel he may be too compromised by his own party to truly make a difference. Otter says he's anti-tax, but vetoed legislation to increase the grocery tax credit. Otter says he's pro-education, but gutted an early childhood education program started by his Republican predecessor. I believe Governor Otter is fundamentally a good man, but given his struggles thus far I wonder if he'll be able to truly be an effective governor.

So who else is out there?

Then I thought, what about me? I'll be 37 in 2010. I’m a successful businessman, a published author and a community activist. I've run for major public office before, which at the very least gives me a good sense of what not to do. I believe I can bring a great deal of substance to the 2010 election which frankly I don’t see coming from Governor Otter or the Republicans.

I'm interested to know what you think.

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Jerry Brady would be 74 in

Jerry Brady would be 74 in 2010 and I believe he has already publicly ruled out another run. I would love to see Shirley Ringo or George Sayler or Edgar Malepeai give it a shot, among some other experienced Dem legislators.

We definitely need more young candidates in Idaho Democratic politics at all levels. But Lane, despite your run for Congress in Nevada, I'd submit that you might be better off starting on the local level in Idaho Democratic politics.

Twin Falls County is near a tipping point, and an energetic young moderate Democrat could well win a legislative seat there in 2008, especially if you start now. Frankly, getting more Dems in the legislature ought to be our major goal for the next two cycles. Unless you'd be running against Leon Smith. We need him.

Be smart, be humble, and remember: It's called public service for a reason.


Apparently Jerry Brady is not going to be a candidate. As for my run, right now I'm in the "thinking out loud about it" stage. I'd like to see how the climate is, but if someone emerges in a better position to run for governor down the road, so be it. I worked quite a bit with Edgar Malepeai when I was at ISU; he would be an outstanding candidate.

As for 2008, I am absolutely, positively not running that year. I made a promise. If my wife thought I was, I probably wouldn't survive to 2010 anyway. ;-)

For Tom Paine

Tom, I'd sign that home rule bill, just so you're aware.