Why Idaho Democrats should support the Idaho Business Review

*Note: I do not work for, advertise in, or have any ownership position.

But it’s become increasingly obvious they (IBR) have a perspective on the sorry state of our political-economy that most closely corresponds to our own. They report on the true and actual subplots behind the public face of these wingnut dirtbags that run Idaho. I think they’re as concerned for the future of the state as we are, but their concern takes a different perspective. Without some enlightened leadership and some ruthless trash-dumping, we’re all---Idaho business included, in the crapper.

In addition, there’s the near ‘ghostship quality’ of the Idaho Statesman, the craven & would-be flagbearer for the state’s capitol city and main metro. The Statesman’s absentee owners, McClatchy Newspapers, are in a downward death spiral, and have sold or laid off anything not nailed down. Boise’s too scared of losing their jobs to rock the boat. I would change my mind were McClatchy to sell to Cowles Media in Spokane, a privately held outfit that’s shown over and over they are unafraid of Idaho’s primitive political caste.

Yeah, a subscription to the Business Review is a bit spendy, but think about it this way: you’re helping to support independent political & economic thought in this star-crossed state….who but the Democrat Party can that benefit? The damn GOP is too far gone.

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I agree

I try and keep up with their site as much as possible, but I really enjoy listening to John Foster on 670 KBOI every Monday morning.

the unequivocal notion

I don't agree

I agree that its a good alternative resource. But I recently took issue with Mr. Foster and some derogatory comments he made on an article posted by Ken Robison at NewWest. Seems he thought Ken's viewpoint was myopic without providing any support.

So I have to disagree. Foster was blatantly supporting an IACI position on cutting personal property tax without indicating where the lost revenue would come from. And you know where its going to come from, the middle class. I don't need another outlet parroting the IACI postion. They own the statehouse at this point.

Partially Agree......Fit hits shan in Melaleuca Lawsuit

I partially agree on your take about the Biz Review & that IACI position. Although a native, Foster is new to Idaho politics, having come from New Mexico, where the political battles are more even-handed and transparent. He caught a raft of shit from the tech community for taking any position that corresponds to IACI's. Their nickname for 'em is "I-LACI" (Idaho Assoc for the Lack of Commerce & Industry). Foster now has a more seasoned perspective on IACI.

On the drama in Idaho Falls with Vader's lawsuit against his former fair-haired, heir-apparent, Jeff Wasden, more insider info coming out and detailed by the Business Review this morning. You won't get this kind of thing from those scared traffic reporters at the Statesman.